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Everything I've learned about the investigation against me The continuous, intentional damage done by the investigators Legal steps I take to officially prove the investigation exists Necessary statements regarding my person and behaviours Resources related to legal topics, coping and other support for those in similar circumstances
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  04.20.08 - Coffee House Candy!
  12.13.07 - Preporn from the Ether
  07.22.07 - Digital Content Tools
  07.10.07 - FOIPA Appeal Closed!
  04.12.07 - Predicting Violence?
  03.31.07 - Schizophrenia? You sure?
  03.18.07 - C.A.R.E.
  03.11.07 - Womanly Wants!
  03.06.07 - Other Person's Money
  12.20.06 - A Beer a Day!
  12.10.06 - Known Surviellance Data
  10.22.06 - Credit Cards and Family
  10.01.06 - A Criminal Disposition
  09.12.06 - On Detonation Events
  07.01.06 - Legal Harassment?
  05.29.06 - Infantile schminfantile!
  A Brief Introduction of Purpose
  How I first became aware of being the target of an investigation and what I now know to be the goal of those behind it.
A Myth of Mental Illness
  How the investigators have worked to ensure that any and all of my claims of being under an investigation are portrayed, especially among immediate family members as manifestations of mental illness
Hacking & Computer Crime in General
  Essential information regarding my role as administrator of H0wL BBS, an early nineties computer bulletin board dedicated to the then burdgeoning practices of hacking and phone phreaking.
  Overview of My Legal Processes
  A chronological breakdown, since early 2003, of my ongoing efforts to obtain proof of the investigation against me.
Gang Stalking and Harrassment
  What is gang stalking and how has it been employed by the investigators to induce emotional and nervous trauma? How do community watch groups factor in to gang stalking?
Covert Druggings
  How have covert druggings been used by the participants in the investigation? What drugs have been used and why? Who do I feel are the main perpetrators of the covert druggings?
Personal Affirmations
  Considering the nature of the so called investigation, what public affirmations are necessary to reconfirm periodically?
Absurdity of FBI's Null Response
  Brief discusson on the absurdity of a null response from the FBI regarding myself as a person of interest.
Who is JBH?
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