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"Since the investigators require a public end to the investigation which involves a charge and a punishment, and since those behind the investigation are willing to use any means necessary to achieve that end, it is paramount that I make public, on at least a monthly basis, certain aspects of my life which intersect with those areas for which the investigation wishes to create a criminal image: Computers, the internet, sex, drugs, etc."
Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll
  Sex and drugs. The two most pronounced and consistent topics utilized in the investigators attacks against me, be it harassment, community rumor mills or even outright and proven attempts to falsely incriminate me. So, what is the truth?
Computers and the Internet
  The investigation has, as a goal, the removal of my rights to use computers and networked environments ... professional castration, basically. What role do computers and the internet play in my day to day life? What is the current status of my ownership and usage of such equipment and environments?
Regarding Memory Loss
  Central to the investigations (behavioral sciences) desire for unrestricted and court mandated psychiatric (and even biological) testing is the consistently pushed idea that I suffer from some sort of incapacitation of memory. What has been my experience with such disorders, if any?
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