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"What is gang stalking and how has it been employed by the investigators to induce emotional and nervous trauma? How do community watch groups factor in to gang stalking"

"Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make madů"

Before these experiences, I had no idea that such things as gang stalking or community watch groups even existed, but suffice it to say, the tactic of gang stalking and the organized actions of community watch groups have been indispensable to the investigators efforts to spread rumors, slander and otherwise cause ongoing emotional duress in my life.

Early on in my awareness of the investigation, these tactics were highly effective and I, at one point, even allowed myself to be pressured into therapy and weird medications simply as a means of trying to cope with what I was observing around me. These sorts of so-called treatments, however, were short lived. I simply refused to accept something as delusional which I personally knew to be factual and true, regardless of my inability to prove it as such.

Suffice it to say, gang stalking and other tactics like it, have as a basis and goal, the eventual nervous break down of its subject.


Gang Stalking

Gang stalking, literally, is an attempt to alter the mental, nervous or emotional state of a target individual; gang stalking, said plainly, is mind control.

See the first essay, Motives for Mind Control, of Allen L. Barkers series on mind control operations, for a more detailed analysis of what mind control is, this as the parent set of operations of which gang stalking is merely a subset or part.

Gang stalking could be defined, loosely, as any action taken by an organized group of individuals to cause intentional emotional duress in another individuals life, with emphasis on the visibility of the organized group as opposed to the invisibility of other types of groups such as covert surveillance groups, etc.

Other terms for this sort of action against a targeted individual have been termed elsewhere, "group stalking" or, as so often these sorts of operations begin at one's workplace, "workplace mobbing".

With gang stalking, the point is to be seen, to let the subject (stalkee) know, beyond any doubt, that he or she is being observed, be it outright following, "mirroring," or any shape and variety of street theatre operation.

From my own experience, this practice against me, especially perpetrated via community watch groups, has been near constant.

For the first two years or so of being the subject of such attention, I was at times quite disturbed by it; however, as I began my legal processes and as I discovered others who were experiencing somewhat similar tactics, my ability to cope and otherwise accept the circumstance as normal, became better and better.

For the most part, the tactics employed have been obvious surveillance teams comprised of consistently the same individuals and street theatre type psychosocial dramas as well as obvious home infiltration and vehicle vandalizing.

Look in the Resources section to find links to other online resources dealing with gang stalking.

As an aside:

It should be obvious that a group of persons who visibly follow another individual around from place to place, could become a stress factor, especially when the subject of the surveillance, upon trying to explain what he or she is witnessing, is suddenly labeled psychotic or paranoid schizophrenic; after such labels are applied, the gang stalking surveillance is even more effective as, to the subject, it's like a horrendous and continuous twisting of the proverbial knife.

The members of the gang stalking team know that if the victim attempts to seek assistance in dealing with the stress of being the subject of such an operation, he or she will just sink deeper into the quicksand that's being generated under the auspicious headings of clinical paranoid schizophrenia or some other delusional disorder, finding his or herself quite quickly medicated on a number of drugs, which even the doctors and creators of such, cannot measure the actual workings of.

Allen L. Barker, whose writings have been a boon insofar as giving me some confidence in putting a name to these things has likened gang stalking to a rape victim who is made to, on a daily basis, live quietly with her assailant while all the while the rapes continue.

"Every day for the mind control victims, it is like the rape victim who has to go out and interact in the society where her rapist is still at large. The difference is that there is a whole conspiracy of rapists and they rape the victims each and every day."

          from Part III: Mental Firewalls, by Allen L. Barker


Street Theatre

Street theatre is really just a subset of those actions that can be carried out by members of gang stalking groups. Like gang stalking, street theatre involves the cooperative participation of a number of organized individuals, yet the point with street theatre is, generally, to measure or observe a subjects physical and emotional responses to any given, generally visual or verbally inputted stimuli or triggers.

As far as the street theatre I have experienced, the vast majority of the dramas have been organized around testing my responses to certain social situations such as how I would react if solicited by an underage person for sex, or how I would react upon seeing a man (supposedly) abusing his girl friend; both such scenarios have been played out before me on a number of occasions throughout the past five years, on some occasions, even witnessed by personal friends who were present at the time. You can read about a few examples of street theatre that I have experienced, here.

Today, I am in no way bothered by the community attention, nor the still frequently occurring gang stalking tactics of visible harassment and street theatre. I've actually come to love picking these occasional ruses out of the otherwise ordinary landscapes of my day (sort of like playing "spot the fed," at old-school 2600 conferences); however, when such attacks are leveled against an individual who, for whatever reasons, can find no "place to stand," so to speak, within what, perceptually, appears to be an ever more insane universe, the results can lead to complete and utter emotional breakdown, even suicide in some cases.

Gang stalking is bad.

Gang stalking has, as a goal, the objective of destroying a persons mental state and it is quite effective at doing this when aimed at the ill informed or the innocent; furthermore, the number one operative base employed in such organized assaults are community watch groups who need only a simple word from some agency such as the FBI or local police to spring into action; especially when it comes to purported cases of possible sexual deviance.


Observed Tactics of Gang Stalkers

During the beginning stages of my awareness of the investigation, when the gang stalking tactics were most visible and, as well, most injurious to my mental state, predominantly, the tactics were those involving constant shadowing, or obvious surveillance while at work at the bank where I was employed and especially around my traditional Montrose haunts in Houston such as coffee houses, book stores and night clubs.

Since discovering information online and otherwise regarding gang stalking, I've been amazed to find out how consistently my observations coincide with much that I've read from other victims, online.

In fact, I think the tactic-model, or desired-result-model, used by random gang stalking operations and those used by official federal and local investigations are probably identical; I specify this as many of the gang stalking victims I have read online seem to have no idea or logical basis upon which to base the main question: Why would this be happening to me?

Whereas, in my case, I know for a fact that the gang stalking tactics and everything else arguably harmful about my past 5 years of experience is wholly tied to my initial employment at a certain financial institution and the FDIC's mission to prevent me from working there. You can read, briefly, of those events and that time, in the intro text to this site.


The dominant tactic used by the stalkers is constant surveillance using the same persons and usually the same cars; this was something that was used to disastrous effect during my employ at the oft-mentioned financial institution, with participants present for nearly the full 24 hours of every day.

This sort of attention, though obviously occurring today at times, is hardly bothersome in the least compared with my reactions in early 2000; I've since learned to gain a bit more understanding and control of the situation and so therefore am not in the least fearful of it's regular manifestations.

Home Invasions

Secondly, another favorite tactic of the gang stalkers has been to use home/car break-ins with some obvious bit of my personal belongings altered in such a way as it would be near impossible for me to miss it.

An example would be a note left on the seat of my car, or throughout any given week, repeatedly entering my home and screwing up the tuning on all of my guitars, both of which have and do, occasionally happen.

The guitar bit was particularly bothersome as I am a daily player and regular songwriter and such a molestation of my equipment could not possibly go unnoticed; of course, regarding this, there are the understandable and naturally occurring factors such as temperature and humidity, but these were ruled out simply because, so often, the strings were left with nearly zero tension; temperature and humidity variations could never pull off such a dexterous bit of movement on guitar pegs.

Vehicle tampering or theft

Furthermore, damaging my vehicle has been another very regular tactic used by the gang stalkers.

I know this, primarily, due to the number of occurrences of such incidents since 2000, versus the number of such incidents that had occurred in my life prior to the year 2000.

Prior to the year 2000, I had never had a car vandalized or broken into.

Not once!

Since the year 2000, and since becoming aware of the gang stalking surveillance and the investigation itself, my car has been broken into, vandalized or burglarized four times.

Four times!

Furthermore, on one occasion, a certain note was retained which left no doubt that the event was related to the investigation. I did not save the note but I did show an immediate family member the morning I found it.

The overall intention of all of the above cited examples and tactics is to wreak havoc on another person's life; the more conflict and trouble and problems, the better.


Harassment Operation Caught on Film

There exists a video, created by one Norma Lawrence, which does more for describing this tactic of neighborhood surveillance than any amount of writing could; what is demonstrated within the video gave me alternating shudders of unease and then delight, as I knew she had captured, so well, exactly the types of organized movements I had so often observed in my own life but to this day have been unable to prove.

Please visit her personal web site at, to view the video and otherwise inform yourself of her story and circumstances.

As far as the authenticity of the video? Is it real? Did she fake it? I don't know and frankly, I could care less.

Real or manufactured (for the record, I lean towards real), either way, it still absolutely nails the task of accurately conveying the strange, almost otherworldly feeling one experiences when seeing these kinds of operations play out around one on a daily basis, especially considering that if you should try and explain to anyone what you are seeing, you'll most likely be called crazy.


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