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December 20, 2006

A Beer a Day!
A beer a day keeps the doctors away ... A beer a day keeps the doctors away ... A beer a day drives the doctors crazy ... A beer a day drives the academes away ... A beer a day keeps the doctors away!

This is somewhat humerous and I'll probably grow fat because of it.

I mean, specifically, the drinking of a beer (or two), every single night, until I actually recieve word from the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirming that an investigation of myself exists. And even then, it will probably continue as I'm sure I'll be addicted at that point. :-)

My reasons for this are mostly antagonistic; the investigators, though I have absolutely *never* been a heavy or even regular drinker, have worked overtime to spread rumors and lies that I am an alcoholic and especially one that is prone to black-outs. Therefore, shopping for beer in public and publically stating that I will consume a beer a night, is a *guaranteed* means of quietly demonstrating to the investigators that I personally resent their tactics and methodologies and in fact do not feel threatened by them.

I know that I am still under semi-regular surviellance; if I buy beer on a weekly basis, I can trust that the investigators and their accomplices will be aware of it ... this is, fundamentally, meant to be a gentle, velvety-glove-like slap in the investigator's metaphorical faces.

That said, I'm sure they will still (if allowed footing) attempt to use it against me; but, I'll take my chances regardless.

Above, when I say 'investigators', I mean specifically those who have spread rumors throughout communities and my own social circles that I'm a raging alcholic having black outs and breaking into person's homes and otherwise partaking in all sorts of rather nefarious and potentially dangerous behaviors brought on by consumption of booze and it's reputed ability to induce black-outs. Again, I mean specifically, those investigators whose tactics have included the use of covert-druggings up to and including a near-death PCP overdose as a rather brutal and completely banal means of realizing their desire to cast me in some sort of worrisome light (or otherwise advancing their own respective careers by forcing a conclusion to the investigation that supports their erroneous claims regarding my behaviors); I could go on and on ...

I have never been a big drinker and certainly never a daily drinker; but I've always, as an adult, occasionally enjoyed a good ale every now and again. I in fact, at this point in time, I am planning to make my own ale once funds and time become available.

For the 4 to 5 years up until the publication of, I very very seldom would consume any alcohol (beer or so every six months or even less) as I believed that even a single beer could, argumentatively, give the investigators some leverage in support of their whacked out black-out/memory loss angle. This changed however, as soon as I began making the facts of my case public via my website.

Point is, I now have somewhat of a decent legal foundation to work with and feel quite confident in occasionally, if not daily, having a beer or two.

And, in the interest of my above antagonistic reasoning (gentle as it may be), I will continue with the practice. That is, of course, unless it begins to make me unduly fat. Beer good. Fat Bad. :)

And on a positive note: my symbolic and public committment to the consumption of at least a beer a night is also a celebrative gesture. Since the publishing of, I can now safely enjoy such luxuries without the constant fear that it might be used against me. A milestone of my past six years to be sure ... so CHEERS!

Anyway, though authored with a bit of a serious intent ... I hope that a bit of humor is also evident in the above text. Without it (humor) ... we'd all be lost.

Merry Xmas!!

< i'm heading for the fridge now >


If you'd like to read more on how the generated myth of my being prone to memory dysfunction has been used by the investigators, then see this page at Affirmations Regarding Memory


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