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October 1, 2006

A Criminal Disposition
A recent experience while working which might or might not be related to my ongoing circumstances.

From day one of being aware of an investigation against myself, I have become more and more aware that one of the investigators goals has been to demonstrate that I have a personality, in general, that is inclined towards criminal activity; in legal terms, this would be described as having a fundamentally 'criminal disposition.'

This was made clear enough, early on in my awareness of being the subject of an investigation when I fell victim to certain types of 'sting' operations involving ATM machines.

At times it has felt as though those behind the investigation have been working to simply generate data which when presented to judges and/or prosecutors would undeniably indicate a supposed general inclination towards criminal activity.

Following, find a recent example of a certain conversation I had, at a certain work location, with a random stranger who approached my work area and engaged me in conversation for an hour or more.

In this recent conversation, the person who engaged me seemed intent on 'baiting' me into certain comments and areas of discussion that could theoretically be called areas of criminal interest. Almost as though he wanted me to conversationally admit my desire to partake in certain forms of criminal activity.

Prior to beginning the article proper, I will openly state that it is certainly just as likely that this could have been a perfectly normal conversation with a perfectly normal citizen who was and is totally unattached to my ongoing circumstances, but considering the necessity of always making public, certain key types of events of my life, I have felt compelled to author this article.


She's really got a great ass, huh? ... nudge, nudge ... huh?

I work in a public environment, every day, as a part of my political organizing with a certain leader within the democratic party; it is my job to spend 6 to 7 hours a day, wherever publicly allowed to do so, engaging random citizens in political dialogue. I have done this for around 4 years now.

Earlier this week, at a certain regular work location, I was approached by a gentleman who decided to have a seat next to me at my table; as soon as he approached, it was obvious to me that he was much more interested in talking about girls than he was in discussing anything of a political nature.

We went through a cursory discussion of certain current political dynamics but this would be cut short anytime a relatively attractive female would pass the table; when this occurred, he would rivet to the lady and immediately begin a series of cat calls and advances, all the while seeking to draw me into the exchange. Mind you, he was sitting with me (spare chair) at the table and so to any passerby, it would seem as though we were collaborating.

This is worth noting as, despite a long history of rather normal if not at times serious, passionate and wonderful relationships with the opposite sex, the investigators have nonetheless tried to build an image of my being a sexual predator or especially anything that would indicate my tending to objectify women (I mean, more so than your average American Joe, that is), ... two extremely popular psychological traits applied to the stereotypical stalker.

This is particularly important to note more so due to the fragile nature of my organizations ability to 'deploy' to certain locations throughout the Houston area more so than as it may or may not impact or be associated with my personal circumstances.

Long story short, it seemed as though this fellow was attempting to bait me into the types of behavior he was so beautifully portraying (objectifying women, sexual aggressive, making semi-lewd comments, etc.)


Help me run drugs

At a certain point this fellow told me he was trying to get a license to drive an 18 wheeler at which point I casually commented that I work one day a week doing tire work on such trucks.

He immediately and not to discreetly mentioned that he was interested in finding someone who could help him 'transport' certain (unnamed but obvious) types of cargo by putting them in the tires!

I couldn't believe it.

I simply commented that he'd most likely be in prison if ever attempting such a thing and quickly changed the subject.

Again, here, it seemed as though this fellow wanted me to simply state verbally, anything that might in hindsight be viewed as my having even a passing interest in such activities. The way he suggested things and posed certain questions to me very much indicated this.

I mean, why would a perfect stranger approach another person and immediately and somewhat coyly suggest they'd like some help running drugs?

It doesn't compute.

Maybe he was just an idiot making small talk and hitting on ladies; maybe he was attempting to acquire audio data which could testify to my Supposedly criminal nature that has been pushed so vehemently by the investigators; maybe he was employed by a political rival (of my employer) who wanted to sabotage our ability to organize citizens at that particular location. Maybe it was completely random ...

Anyway, ... thought it worth mentioning as it was really the only exceptional thing which happened this week.


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