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September 12, 2006

More info on 'Detonation Events'
The only possible means via which the investigators could achieve their goals is through a catalyzing event that would introduce me to the jurisdiction of the legal system.

In the main areas of my site, I discuss the ongoing threat of a possible wrongful incrimination attempt (set up, frame job, etc.) against myself which has as a goal, simply, the introduction of myself to the legal system; this sort of set up being absolutely necessary to allow the other myriad objectives of the investigation to be realized.

For the sake of this site and it's various writings, I have termed this sort of event a 'Detonation Event.'

As discussed in the Anatomy of a Setup section of, the detonation event gets the ball rolling. The detonation event makes *everything* else that the investigators wish to do, ... possible.

The detonation event, if successful, makes me subject to any and all sorts of interrogations, analysis', psychiatric evaluations, reprimands, probationary sentences and otherwise, that the organizers of the investigation might see fit to dictate. In point of fact, the detonation event gives the investigators absolute C O N T R O L over the direction of my personal and professional life. This tidbit regarding control being somewhat important to note as, at a certain level, and considering my families (unfortunate) political associations, my personal circumstances and the directives of those behind the investigation are more dictated by ego and reputation more so than the need to administer any sort of 'justice' in a criminal case.

As it stands, and though I have over the years experienced several failed Detonation Events, no such assault against my person has been successful and I still retain absolute sovereignty in regards to the direction, course and preferences of my own life.

This is a good thing.

This article is penned to make public my ongoing concern regarding such events and to reiterate the forms and varieties which such an event would undoubtedly take.

The detonation event, as has been demonstrated in the past, would almost assuredly meet the following requirements:

  1. The event would include some sort of association with contraband substances; a set up involving drugs, for instance. This being an argumentatively attractive form of set up as I have a teenage history of substance abuse (convenient!).

  2. The event would absolutely sever, if only temporarily, my ties with the political organization I am a full time member of; this being necessary as I have and have had a good and stable work environment for well nigh 5 years; as well as being aware of my ongoing efforts with my relationship with my co workers is such that it would be near impossible to coerce or bribe any of them into participating in frame ups or even psychosocial dramas.

  3. The event would require a probationary sentence or possibly, but not likely, incarceration. Furthermore, the investigators wish to create the illusion of my having criminal tendencies with computers and network environments; this has been a long standing and known goal of the investigators (hacking, pirated software, illegal porn, etc.). It is a known and long standing goal of the investigators to limit my right to use computers and networked environments (no more!).

  4. The event would absolutely carry with it some sort of stigma involving sexual dysfunction or something else of 'supposed' psychological concern that involves sexuality (stalking, questions of sexual preference, fetishistic impulses, etc.)

  5. The event would necessarily require a court ordered mandate for psychiatric evaluations. This being necessary as the investigators know I am an outspoken critic of biological psychiatry.

  6. Finally, all else being considered, the dominant aspect of the detonation event is that it removes my own personal decision making capacity as a human being and a citizen; said otherwise, the detonation event, regardless of it's myriad other traits, *must* introduce me to the jurisdiction of the US/Texas legal system.

As it stands, and since the publication of, the frequency of such set up attempts have drastically diminished; this does not, however, mean they will abate entirely.

The investigators, as has been conveyed to me by certain of my more long term friends, absolutely intend to see through such an event; this focus and desire on their part being motivated more so by the desire to justify man hours and reputation more so than to actually correct the supposedly criminal course of a citizen's (mine!) life.

Therefore, as well as constantly updating the Affirmations Section of, I will periodically publish articles discussing Detonation Events and the ongoing possibility of such events occurring.

For the time being, have a look at some of the past failed set up attempts:

More info on Detonation Events, here:

More info on the overall objectives of the investigators:


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