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March 18, 2007

Child Adult Restraint Education!

As I've mentioned in another article, I've recently been required to assist my father with his personal business in Galena Park, Texas. This is temporary, part time work, three days a week, to help him cover his workload since one of his primary employees was recently injured while on the job.

Having been involved in this exceptional workload over the past few weeks and spending more time in that particular neighborhood, I've recently decided it wouldn't hurt to give a brief recap of the uniquely active role that his personal social circles have played in many of the past actions against my person (both physically and socially) which have been utilized as /tactics/ of the investigation (the occasional rogue vigilante group not withstanding of course).

Furthermore, this article means to highlight and emphasize the role that the local authorities (namely, Houston Police) have played as a collaborative element alongside the FBI, in the past and ongoing investigation of myself as a person of interest.

This collaborative role of the local police assisting with and participating in conjunction with a federal investigation is important to note for a couple of reasons: first, my father's closest immediate and lifelong friends are members, respectively, of two distinct federal and local law enforcement entities, the federal secret service and houston police department and collaborative members from within both entities would be quite easy to come by; secondly, the general mode of operation involving a federal entity such as the FBI and in regards to very long winded investigations, is to, as a matter of course, distribute the workload among other local authorities simply due to reasons of man power and work hours.

This article will specifically address the above mentioned social circles and especially the much hyped and pervasively propagated rumors of pedophilia and/or otherwise sexual dysfunction that have been sewn throughout these social circles as well as others in the Houston area.


../ Child Adult Restraint Education (C.A.R.E.)

Around early 2002 or so, I was working full time at my father's company; this was the time-frame that was rife with the most direct and traumatic actions against my person; primary among these actions, some physical and some social, were covert druggings and truly socially debilitating rumor and slander campaigns.

Regarding the latter mentioned form of harassment, forced community-wide distribution of rumors testifying to my involvement or supposed proclivity to pedophilia (or even more generally, that I was a stalker or predator) was a particularly disastrous tool used by the investigators.

This rumor/slander was pushed into every social circle I had at the time and each was similarly infected in the way of quite slowly ostracizing me from their ranks ... or else, even worse than ostracization, many of these traditional friends were so convinced by the investigators that the rumors were true, that they very willingly became active participants in the network of informants and 'data-gatherers' employed by the investigation.

This was somewhat of an excruciating period; from my traditional surfing community friends, to my, literally, near life long friends, just about all were in some way incorporated into the efforts against me and I can assume, all the while were made to believe that the actions, ultimately, were 'for my own good.'

Again, I can't emphasize the amount of mental/emotional duress that was brought on by witnessing these processes firsthand and all the while not being able to address the claims or make the actions real to a single personal confidant (that would come later, thankfully).

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It was around this above mentioned time that, while working one day at my father's company, I noticed there had been a new billboard installed directly across the street from his business. It was a quarter-sized billboard and not one of the standard, huge ones one can see lining our national freeways ... but it's impact on my mental state was no less effective.

The billboards main letters read: "C.A.R.E", a very prominent four letter acronym that dominated the billboards main content space. A closer inspection, upon leaving the parking lot that same day yielded the details of exactly what C.A.R.E, supposedly, was. According to the sub text of the billboard, C.A.R.E stood for "Child Adult Restraint Education", a program sponsored by the Houston Sheriff's Department which needed no further sub text to explain that it was some sort of rehabilitation program for pedophiles and/or sexual offenders.

I couldn't believe it.

Most persons, at least here in the southern U.S., are familiar with the D.A.R.E program which is used as a recovery program for violent and drug offenders. This billboard was unmistakably playing upon this other, very popular sheriff's department program and I knew immediately that the installation of the billboard was a part of the harassment campaign against myself.

Now, near 5 years later, I'm even more convinced that the billboard had been meant for me personally; also, i am convinced that the goal was to eventually incriminate me and introduce me to this mysteriously (so far) non-existent, C.A.R.E rehab process.

I'm more sure of these things now due to a couple of different reasons:

  1. Around two months after the billboard went up was when the first of my long time friends came forward and confided in me their awareness of and participation in the investigation; they did this based on a genuine concern for how out of bounds the investigation had progressed and for the very real reason that I had truly been put at major risk by the past PCP overdose and other covert druggings. Furthermore, around the same time, I began a very disciplined and monthly update process with a select few legal witnesses that I had chosen as confidants as first step towards making my experiences and concerns legally public; this involved occasional face to face dialogue as well as letters carbon copied to each witness. Very shortly after these few key actions on my part, the billboard was suddenly taken down (it remained public and visible for about 1 month only).

  2. I have searched the internet and asked members of the sheriff's department where I might find information regarding this so called C.A.R.E program and nobody thus far has been able to point me towards any information and nor have they heard any mention of it. The internet offers absolutely no responsive links either via thorough searching. So if this was an actual program sponsored by the sheriff's department and one prevalent enough to warrant a small billboard, then how come nobody at the sheriff's department knows about it? Funny stuff, huh?


My next step, simply because I've got the time and means to properly see to some of these past leads, is to actually write a letter to the sheriff's department or otherwise personally visit the office of my local sheriff's department to see if I can find any information on this program.

So far, other than the billboard installed across from my work location, I've found no evidence that such a program exists.

"Child Adult Restraint Education," for pete's sake! Sweet lord. For all I know, I was going to be it's first real participant!


../ Recent pedophile-oriented street theatre

The above mentioned experience is going back quite some time; that all transpired around 4 years ago or more; however, the incessant desire of the local authorities to somehow matter of factly incriminate me around issues of sexual offense (especially involving underage women), today still remain.

Following, find listed a couple of recent street theatre/gang stalking scenarios supporting the whole pedophile thing:


The Johnson Space Center Security Guy

A recent example of such activity, ... not really an incrimination attempt, but more so an undercover guy using word play/street theatre to let me know I'm still on the radar is as follows; this happened about two weeks ago (early March 07):

My daily work involves public discussion of political activities associated with a certain leader within the democratic party that I work for. This is *very* public work. As discussed in my main site, my job is, literally, the public hailing of random citizens, for up to 7 hours a day, simply to engage them in political dialogue. It's hard work ... perhaps the most difficult I've ever done, and it gives undercover operatives a huge window within which to work insofar as street theatre and word play is concerned.

On the particular day in question, I was working in Clear Lake, TX ... my home town, really ... and also another area where the rumor mill/slander/community watch group efforts were utilized to devastating effect.

At a certain point, myself and my co-worker were approached by an individual who wanted to discuss some economic issues that were related to some of the signs we had set up at our table; since I was already discussing something with another person, my co-worker quickly took up the conversation with this fellow. As my own conversation ended, I simply hung out by our table and listened to this other guys conversation. He explained that he was so frustrated at how crappy the economy had become and that it was only compounding his already bad personal situation (which, of course, was a bait into our then asking him the specifics of his bad personal circumstance).

He, of course, obliged:


The Guy: I was fired from Johnson Space Center recently ...

Us: Why's that? I mean, what happened?

The Guy: Well, I was the main network security administrator and I caught a bunch of the upper management in some illegal activity ... NASA didn't want me to expose them but I tried to anyway.

Us: Whaddya mean, ... what sort of activity?

The Guy: Well, since I was the main network security administrator for Johnson Space Center, I could see everybodies internet activity ... and ... well, they didn't want me exposing those guys.

Us: What guys? Who do you mean? (he was saying it like we should know what he's talking about)

The Guy: Those guys! The management! The pedophiles! They're just a bunch of perverts and ... well, they're protecting the pedophiles. They knew I was going to report them and so they fired me. They're protecting them. That was like a year ago and now I can't get a job anywhere, people just hang up on me.

Us: Wow. Sounds like you've been blacklisted or something. But still, that whole thing sounds sort of fishy ... pedophiles, huh? Maybe you should make a movie or something. Stand up for yourself ... make it public, you know? (I was already considering this guy a hack-operative as he seemed to be playing out a script, really bad acting type dialogue, and nothing about what he was telling us made any real since).

The Guy: Yeah, well ... I may have been incriminated ... or, they may be able to use it against me; see, ...

Us: How's that?

The Guy: Well, ... er, they made me copy some of that stuff ... uh, they made me copy some of that ... that contraband for them ... and, well, I could get in trouble

Us: Man, ... that's just not adding up. Weren't you the 'head of network security'? How could they make you do anything on your own network?

The Guy: Well ... anyway ... about this economics stuff ... I really agree with your sign here ...


And that was that. He dodged our last comment and we discussed economics for a minute or two and then he left. The whole thing was totally plastic, totally rehearsed and to boot, he seemed very un confident and disingenuous with his claims ... like a very bad actor, really.

Suffice it to say, the dialogue threw all my internal checks and I've since come to the conclusion that it was probably street theatre. Seems he wanted to convey a few key points ... namely, the topic of pedophilia and as well this weird and emphasized comment about 'protecting' pedophiles; also, he seemed bent on getting across the idea of copying contraband.

Anyway ... one thing that can be said, is that working with the political group I am a near 5 year member of has been a HUGELY beneficial step towards my addressing the actions against my person; it gives me the opportunity to work with a number of different persons on a daily basis and thereby demonstrate continuously, the appropriateness of my behaviours and inclinations.

My employers are aware of my legal efforts and also the subjects/concerns made public via Furthermore, many who are associated with this political group have very long standing ties with federal authorities and the federal intelligence community in general; therefore, most are quite adept at getting at the truth of things and generally would not be easily swayed towards unlawful activity in a rogue investigation, especially wrongful incrimination of an innocent civilian; in other words, the majority of my co-workers are genuinely trustworthy.

That considered, the fellows comment about 'protecting pedophiles' is especially provocative as, considering my past six years or so of living, my current work environment, though not without it's occasional but rare hiccups, has been the most stable and safe of any I've been a part of.

A coincidental conversation? Street theatre? It's impossible to say, but I chose to lean towards the latter.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, my work is extremely public and this is not the first time I have seen street theatre played out at any given of our regular political organizing venues. See the section of which discusses the Pre-teen Assault Squad, for more examples of such occurrences.


Hard Candy!

I recently purchased a DVD which sounded just a bit to provocative and strange to resist, it's called Hard Candy.

Said plainly, it's about a pedophile/child predator who gets figured out (and held accountable for his actions) by a 13 year old girl.

The girl stages an elaborate bait operation, using herself as bait, and once in a private setting within the perv's home, she drugs him and then, through a variety of pscyhological means, tortures him into exposing the facts of his past and present.

It's a creepy but good movie. I enjoyed it even though I was quite a bit disturbed by it.

Here's a review page at rotten tomato: Hard Candy

In the movie, the little girl who gets the bad guy, the 13 year old pedophile vigilante is named, "Haley."

Remember that last bit ... cause it's important for what comes next ...

That said, as soon as I had finished watching the movie, my yahoo main inbox recieved an incoming message.

I thought nothing of it.

I checked my yahoo email inbox and the incoming message had been moved to the [spam] folder; upon looking, i found an email from a sender named, "Haley." It was a random bit of spam mail professing the value of using credit cards and gauranteeing me a secured 1500.00 dollar credit line.

Again, the sender was "Haley." The exact name of the cute little 13 year old who I had just watched torture a probably deserving pedophile in the movie, Hard Candy.

Coincidence? A freak event? Dumb luck?

Maybe so ... but not likely.

Anway, I personally chose to call this gang stalking harassment whether it's proveable or not.

It's a perfect example of how extensive surviellance can be used to form new harassment scenarios and constantly taunt a victim/target with ongoing sensory triggers which are simply meant to get across a simple message: we're watching.

Anway, my days of being bothered by such antics are well behind me, but I thought it would make good reading here in this article which discusses recent street theatre and stalking tactics.

Again, Hard Candy; a good movie and worth seeing again.


../ Inappropriate age?

I should re-emphasize here exactly how important this question of age is to the investigators.

The psychological wing of the investigation is positively obsessed with casting me in some sort of public light that indicates attention towards women (maybe even men!) of an inappropriate age.

And, it's not just the obviously criminal practice of sexual activity involving minors that the investigators long to stigmatize my person around ... but even simply, the idea of a approaching-middle-aged man simply having some problem with getting older, that this (rather cliche') profile is appropriate to affix to myself.

Therefore, just as beneficial to the investigators would be the creation of false impressions that I (a rather ripe 39 year old male) am fixated on 18, 19 or 20 year olds as my primary 'object fixation,' (to use the psychological term), or that I actually desire and seek out relations with very immature (emotionally) women over the more mature (in all aspects) variety. The point being, such attractions, though hardly illegal, are still somewhat inappropriate simply due to the vast differences in emotional development. And, even more central to the investigation's goals ... such fixations are always a wonderful entry-point to discussions within therapeutic or psychological dialogue.

Again, the importance of this is that it is a psychological cliche', that, especially considering the average american male, it's easily applied to most men approaching 40 years of age and therefore, it fits nicely within the overall investigation of myself as someone, purportedly, who has Sexual Issues(tm).


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