This web site exists to make public my knowledge of an ongoing investigation of myself by both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and local authorities here in my blessed home town of Houston, Gawd-DawG!, Texas.

This so called investigation, has, as an absolute objective, the continuing and ongoing destruction of my social and professonal opportunities and, ultimately, the delivering of a criminal charge and the administering of a punishment, regardless of any wrong doing on my part.

It is highly political, highly organized and rife with federal and local law enforcement connections to my immediate family; and, it has, on several occasions, nearly killed me.

Gang stalking, organized harassment, severe covert druggings, planted evidence and an exceptionally effective rumor and slander operation, for the past 14 years of my life, have been used to accomplish this.

The organizers of the investigation have included the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the local Houston police, the Federal Secret Service and a score of what is commonly referred to as 'community watch groups,' or neighborhood watch groups.

For the details of how these things began and what I now am participating in as legal processes, please read on ...

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