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"What role has rumor and slander played in the hands of the investigators? How have such tools been utilized to destructive effect within the investigation? Who, within the community, has played the greatest role in assisting the investigation?"

By far one of the most harmful tactics employed by the investigation has been the use of rumor and slander operations within various communities to further their objective of bringing charges against me.

In large part, in their efforts to end the investigation according to terms agreeable to them, the investigators have employed a variety of means to cause social chaos in my life, in very real terms, a policy of divide conquer in regards to my traditional social circles and support foundations, "if the quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to," etc.

To both separate me from important emotional and social support mechanisms as well as to further buttress the desire for my public persona to fit a seemingly pre-decided psychological profile, the agencies have generated rumor and slander campaigns focusing, primarily, on sexual deviance, especially supposed issues involving young persons or children.

Here find discussed the primary rumor and slander assaults that have and continue to be perpetrated against me, including brief discussion of how this has been socially damaging.


Sex Sells

Primary to the investigations rumor campaign has been to spread rumors of sexual deviance, especially anything involving underage persons as this, pound for pound, is by far the easiest subject with which to whip communities into a vigilante-esque frenzy.

During my early meetings with community leaders I spoke quite frankly about any and all personal behaviors that I thought could feasibly explain why so much attention was being given to me in my community, among such behaviors mentioned was the occasional viewing of online porn. You can read more about those meetings and why I was in them in the Fact vs. Fantasy section.

Basically, I was trying everything in my power to get those behind the investigation to address me openly and to call off the stalking and surviellnace, so I was simply upfront and open about what had been going on in my life which, even if only at a stretch, could be responsible for the sudden and dramatic change in my social environments.

What I have found since that time is this...

The FBI and others involved with the investigation have worked very hard to build a rumor campaign against me which uses, as it's foundation, those simple admissions from some 6 years back, adding to it, consistently and constantly, the lie that I have some sort of obsession with pornographic material and especially that I habitually and compulsively seek out the attention of underage women.

This is something I know to be fact regarding the agencies efforts against me.

But it doesn't stop there, I also learned at a certain point that the agencies have also spread rumors that, in my very well known role as professional videographer, I am also, reportedly, in the business of electronic voyeurism! Again, here the tactic has been to take an innocuous enough bit of my real life, i.e. that I was a regular producer of video content, and warp it via rumor and slander towards something of a sexually deviant bent.

For the record, I do not own any pornographic content of any type; and as far as online porn is concerned, I cannot even say that I view or am drawn to view such content, especially considering the nature of my ongoing circumstances, even rarely (although, I must confess, I did watch the Paris Hilton sex tape, but that was sort of an accident).


A Notorious Hacker and Pirate

Parallel to the rumors spread that I am involved in a variety of less than wholesome sexual practices, runs the manufactured myth that I am a skilled computer hacker; again, this myth has some convenient kernels of truth upon which it is based.

From my beginnings in the field of computing, I have personally been acquainted with others who have had quite a bit of experience in the hacking field; in other words, I have counted as friends and regular associates, persons who hack websites, some who have been legally convicted for such practices.

This fact arises, simply, out of the social circles through which I gained my introduction to computing, back in the late 80's and early 90's.

Furthermore, as a personal interest, I have always found the practice of hacking, virus creation, cryptography, etc., exceptionally interesting. In the late 80's an early 90's I ran a very popular computer bulletin board called, Howl BBS, which, at least partially, catered to such interests (hacking, phreaking, etc).

That said, though I am somewhat conversant in the types of most hack attacks being currently perpetrated, and especially the various defenses against the same, I have never in my life hacked websites or took offensive actions against other computers, (other than occasionally sniffing my co-workers passwords as a prank).

The myth of my being a computer hacker has been pushed by the agency, primarily to screw with my professional opportunities and especially to support any number of incrimination attempts that have been made against me.

Again, one of the primary objectives of the investigation is to bring charges against me involving computer use and to subsequently limit or completely restrict my right to use computers or networked environments; the rumor of my being a hacker is simply meant to buttress this objective.


Memory Dysfunction

By far the most provocative and important of lies (regarding personal biology/psychosis) pushed on communities by the investigators has been that I suffer from memory dysfunction. This idea, pushed via rumor and potentially backed up by false incrimination, is most important when considering one of the primary objectives of the investigation, unrestrained license for court ordered participation in psychiatric studies, especially discussion of past relationships and sexual experience from childhood (especially that, considering the Freudian skew of the entire thing) all the way up to current time.

To create the illusion (because I certainly suffer from no such disorder) of memory dysfunction, the agencies in question have resorted to a variety of methods:

  1. The spreading of rumors that I suffer from chronic blackouts when consuming even small amounts of alcohol. This being a highly utilized myth as the agencies in question have found it quite easy to play upon the fact that I had a drug problem as a teenager and was even in AA for a number of years.

  2. The agencies have also coordinated covert druggings, specifically employing drugs which are notorious for severe memory loss. For instance, I have been covertly drugged three times with Phencyclidine (PCP) in the past four years as a part of failed set up attempts; a bit of research on PCP will tell you that one of it's primary hallmark effects is amnesia and otherwise acute memory loss (not to mention symptoms near identical to classic clinical paranoid schizophrenia).

  3. Various other possible causes of acute memory dysfunction have been cited or 'pushed' by the agencies, mostly to those persons acting as official informants, such as biological/disease factors also known to cause amnesia such as systemic lupus or even brain tumors.

    The details of this sort of personal and public attack have been discussed at length with the various personal witnesses that I have met with over the past 3 years and will not be discussed publicly or on this site.

    Suffice it to say, one of the main objectives of the investigation is to show a propensity for memory loss and any and all means of doing this are seen as legitimate means by the agencies behind the investigation.

  4. Finally, the exact nature and circumstance of many of the attempted wrongful incrimination attempts against me have obviously included elements that, post a successful incrimination event, would seem to indicate propensity towards black outs or memory loss.

    You can read more about wrongful incrimination attempts, here.


Social Fallout

The most devastating effect of this sort of rumor operation, especially considering the nature of it's subject, has been the creation of very hard lines of division between myself and the vast majority of my traditional social networks and support systems, divide and conquer, implemented to perfection.

It is quite hard to maintain or form any real lasting friendships, and especially romantic partnerships, if a federal agency, operating in tandem with community watch groups and others, is constantly corrupting any and all such relations with rumors of pedophilia, computer crime and general sexual deviance, with a memory loss slant thrown in for good measure!

Again, these claims, as with most of what you will find on this site, are backed up by actual dialogue with others, mostly good friends who have heard things via rumor and have shared with me what they've heard.

A few examples:

  1. A close friend from the surfing community, who lives in Matagorda (the beach I surf) confided in me that he had heard others were spreading rumors that I frequently can be seen viewing porn magazines on the beach! (the truth is that during the summer months, I frequently spend entire days surfing and reading on the beach; however, I read political briefings and other intelligence reports associated with my political work; I will be there is summer, even. Please stop by and see for yourself!

  2. A certain person I was dating, I'll call her "K," in and around early 2002, was approached by some of her friends (again, persons from the surfing community) and was told any number of things regarding the investigation and the supposed claims that I was a teen porn freak, pedophile or god knows what else. Our relationship quickly fizzled (duh!) and shortly thereafter, a mutual friend of ours approached me explaining that "K" had told him to not hang out with me for the above mentioned reasons.

    For the record, (and in case she ever reads this), I don't think her actions in removing herself from association with me was in any way wrong or to be condemned, that's not the point. The point is, her actions represent what would and does almost always take place when an agency with the authority of the FBI makes public claims of a persons behaviors, especially in the realm of sexual issues.


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