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"How do I know I'm the subject of an investigation? Who else among my long-term social circles have been touched by the circumstances? What are the obvious reasons/factors that would make my having some sort of file with the FBI almost unavoidable?"

Unfortunately, the only proof I have of my being the subject of an investigation, so far, has been my own observations and the occasional testimony of a few individuals (persons I've known for many years) who are absolutely unwilling to speak publicly (or within a civil suit) to demand the data from those agencies involved in the investigation.

Regarding these persons, it should be stated that they are unwilling for primarily legal reasons, as some could have acted as numbered informants within the investigation itself and would incriminate themselves by breaching the confidence of an agreement certainly dictated by oath.

However, ...

These facts do not prevent me from discussing, nonetheless, what evidence I myself have acquired regarding the investigation and especially, it's often times harmful tactics.

As well, as a part of this section, I discuss the many reasons why, necessarily, the FBI would have some sort of file on me as a person of interest.


Personal Observations

The most important of reasons for believing I have been under investigation, of course, have been my own observations. This is also the most difficult to utilize when explaining the situation as my perceptions are my own and are simply not transferable, at least in a truthful and non-disputable fashion, to another person.

Besides, to go around claiming you are under investigation because you've seen consistently the same persons following you around who are obviously surveilling you is to invite the immediate accusation that you are paranoid and delusional; this is the number one tool in the hands of the investigators as a means of discrediting one's efforts.

But nevertheless, while employed at the bank, and immediately post our battle with the FDIC, I was noticeably under heavy surveillance while at work and especially while away from work. In fact, the surveillance was more like overt harassment or gang stalking wherein the goal is to, frankly, drive the subject insane.

This is mentioned solely as indication of the beginning of awareness, on my part, of being the subject of an investigation.

I think, also, it was persons associated with the bank trying to stress me to such a degree that I would simply resign, since persons in New York, associated with the bank and with the FDIC had already made it perfectly clear they did not want me working there.

For the record, here on this site, it will suffice to simply note a very rough chronology of the specific observations which clued me in, at times, rather forcefully, to being the subject of an investigation:

The Bank

As discussed elsewhere in the site, the legal dispute between myself and the FDIC, wherein I had to fight for my right to work as a full time member of a very large worldwide financial network, marks the beginning period of my becoming aware of the investigation and/or attention to myself, both at work and within my community.

What I noticed was, literally, constant surveillance by the uniformed security, whose routine and proximity to myself, I had already become acquainted with in my time working there for some year previous, as a contract employee.

Also, I noticed individuals, clothed as regular civilians who would follow me around any time I was away from my office, be it going for lunch or otherwise moving about as a part of various out-of-office routines; these persons dressed as civilians were consistently the same individuals.

The surveillance and stalking at the bank grew to such a degree of intensity that I could not continue to work there. In early 2000, I put in my resignation with the bank, citing to my immediate supervisor my own awareness of being the subject of scrutiny, by bank security personnel, that I found to be intolerable.

Personal Life

Around the same time as the attention began at the bank, I also noticed an undeniable shift in the various environments and social scenes that I had become accustomed to when off work, be it hanging out at Houston coffee houses or even driving around my house and neighborhood.

At my typical coffee house haunts, which I had frequented on a daily basis for several years prior to noticing the surveillance elements, I began to notice, again, consistently the same individuals operating as surveillance teams. This sort of surveillance and gang stalking grew to such a ridiculous intensity that occasionally these persons were bold enough to even wave when I looked in their direction.

Mind you, it's important to note, these were social environments I was very accustomed to and so I had a rather solid foundation upon which to gauge any dramatic changes in the norm of the rooms.

Finally, I would occasionally witness and be the focus of a variety of what could only be called, psycho-social dramas, or street theatre, which seemed to be executed with the intention of eliciting some type of emotional or nervous response; the dramas had definite players and always were somehow driven by sexual motivators or triggers, or the dramas had as a goal, at least, the intention of revealing something of a sexual nature in my reactions. On many occasions but not all, there were witnesses other than myself to these spectacles.

I discuss gang stalking and street theatre, in great detail, here.


Evidence from Incrimination Attempts

As well as my personal observations, there have been occasions upon which I've been able to obtain, and retain, physical evidence of wrongful incrimination attempts against me.

In some cases there is physical evidence such as drug tests and as well, on other occasions, there are personal witnesses to the set up attempt.

Following is a list of some of the more glaring of such wrongful incrimination attempts:

  1. Persons associated with my father's social networks planted a cache of borderline kiddie porn in my work vehicle when I was working for my father's company. There exists ample evidence of this event in the way of personal witnesses. [details]

  2. I have been covertly drugged on several occasions in the past 5 years; on a couple occasions these druggings were quite debilitating. Evidence exists in the way of subsequent drug tests done independently and before witnesses to demonstrate the presence of PCP in my system. [details ]

  3. Others have witnessed a variety of the psychosocial street theatre operations against me, usually involving sexual issues. [details ]

  4. Evidence was acquired from my thwarting of a certain incrimination attempt in which the perpetrators attempted to create the illusion of my hacking websites from a work computer while in the employ of Idea Integration, a prominent software and interactive design company in Houston. [details ]

Those were just a few of the set up attempts which have occurred and which I have obtained evidence from. To find out more about the particular details and types of set up attempts that have occurred, follow any of the given links to details, or simply have a look at the, 'the set-ups' section in its entirety.


Testimony of Others

And then there is the testimony of others, which, unfortunately I have been unable to obtain while in a legally binding and public setting.

Nevertheless, there have been a number of persons who have confided in me, and even in great detail, what they know and/or have heard about the investigation.

The vast majority of these persons have been people that I've known for many years and who, acting on conscience, have felt compelled to discuss with me their awareness of the investigation, especially some of it's more damaging aspects such as the covert druggings and set up attempts that had, as a goal, my incarceration.

The primary two reasons these persons refuse to offer public testimony in a civil suit have been the following:

  1. The are bound by legal oath, as informants to the investigation, to not discuss its existence

  2. They are vocally fearful of falling victim to the same sorts personal and professional assaults, in retaliation, that I have been subjected to for the past five years.

However, for the record and as part of this public expose, I must acknowledge that such persons are involved and have had such discussions with me.


Absurdity of a Null Response from the FBI

This is a list of several items that should illustrate the absurdity of an organization such as the FBI claiming to not have any data on me; that is, the claim that they have no physical records stating myself as a person of interest in closed or open investigations.

The vast majority of my friends and co-workers have all found that they have a file with the FBI and most of them, simply, for being full time members of the political organization which I belong to.

Some pretty good indications supporting the FBI's most likely having some sort of data on me would be:

  1. I ran a very popular computer bulletin board, Howl! BBS, in the early nineties, which catered to the hacking and phreaking scene in Houston.

    Hackers and persons interested in the practice of hacking, 'phone phreaking' (do a google search) and even software virii creation were daily and regular callers to my system; I was the hardware owner and full time system administrator of this community.

    Several of my personal acquaintences who were regular members of this BBS were convicted of federal offenses related to hacking and other computer related offenses and were later found guilty in federal court.

    At the time, early nineties or so, hacking and computer crime in geneneral, were, in many ways priority one subjects to local and federal law enforcement agencies as they were (and still are) working like mad to come up with investigative tactics and enforcement practices for a field of crime which was not only new, but somewhat arcane and complex to boot. In other words, hacking and computer crime was becoming a very very high priority concern.

  2. I was involved in a winded legal dispute with the FDIC regarding my right to work for the largest bank on the planet, in a rather sensitive role as administrator and designer of their international treasury intranet; the dispute arose over a felony charge I had received as a teenager but for which I was never convicted.

    During this dispute, and simply for discussing a teenage charge on my record (not a conviction) I was escorted by uniformed security off of the premises of the bank.

    I subsequently, after a six or so month legal appeal process to the FDIC, won the right to work for that institution; yet, throughout the process of appealing, it was made very clear to me that the institutions preference was that I simply digress.

    You can read more about this here.

  3. I have, since late 2002, worked full time for a very important, worldwide political campaign and intelligence organization.

  4. All else of the above considered, my family counts as lifelong and intimate friends, members of the federal secret service and the local houston police. Read more about these family connections and how they may or may not impact my ongoing circumstances, HERE.

And the FBI, in response to my ongoing and repetitive requests made via FOIPA, expect me to believe they have absolutely no data on myself related to any investigation, ever? Not even a sentence here or there (much less 100+ pages)?


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