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"How have I utilized periodic and regular verbal discussions with chosen witnesses to further protect myself from wrongful incrimination? What is the frequency of such discussions and level of detail in discussion of my circumstances?"


Witness Involvement

For further legal protection, I have chosen certain persons from either my immediate family or long time social circles to confide in, on a regular basis, regarding the ever changing and ongoing nature of what I've discovered about the investigation and it's tactics. These are persons who have been aware of my concerns regarding being the subject of an investigation, since such awareness began.

Mind you, even though this website is very much a public discussion, it is nonetheless a very loose discussion and only hints at subjects which I have discussed in great and ongoing detail with the few witnesses who have been involved since around early 2003.

I meet with these persons, at minimum, every 4 months and sometimes more frequently if circumstances dictate such meetings should occur.

This has been my practice since 2003.

The nature of our discussions is generally what I have discovered via my FOIPA requests, as well as any information I might have gathered or directly experienced involving incrimination attempts; furthermore, I always personally state a series of affirmations similar to those found in the Affirmations area of this website.

An example:

The night of my authoring this page, I met with one of my chosen witnesses to give a brief update on the status of the development of as well as a rough ETA for the time of it's going live on the internet. This meeting only lasted about 10 minutes, while other meetings have gone for an hour at the most, depending on what I need to discuss.

These periodic witness meetings will continue, at least bi-annually, for the foreseeable future.


Ongoing Witness Meeting History

The following table will be updated on a regular basis to describe, and make public, a history of all correspondences with witnesses.

10/02/07 Witness 1 45 mins / General Update regarding ongoing facts and concerns; see the included link to audio file for more info.
05/16/07 Immediate Family 5 mins / Delivered three page document regarding status of circumstances.
04/14/07 Witness 1 35 mins / general update on status of FOIPA processes as well as some recent concerns regarding wrongful incrimination
04/01/06 Witness 1 5 mins / Delivered three page document regarding status of circumstances and general discussion of
02/25/06 Witness 2 5 mins / Discussed recent launch of and handed off CD-ROM of entire site since person has no internet access.
02/18/06 Witness 1 5 mins / Notified that had been launched; discussed previously provided demo CD
02/18/06 Witness 1 5 mins / Discussed recent launch of and previously supplied cdrom demo
02/04/06 Witness 1 5 mins / Discssed status of; content process and launch date


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