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July 1, 2006

Harrassment and Law Enforcement Groups

This is a transcript of a good discussion I recently had with an online acquaintence regarding and it's inclusion of certain law enforcement entities as persons behind certain aspects of what I have come to define as ongoing harassment or even psychological torture.

I'm posting it as an article simply because it's a doorway to some important questions regarding psychologically directed investigations, methods, ethics, etc. ..[jbh]

from: Anonymous
date: 6/15/2006
subject: Concerns ...

"I think that because of the prominence of the FBI in your story and website that I would like to receive copies of your correspondence with them, and especially that which they sent to you. Also any contact or correspondence you might have had with a law enforcement accountability entity (organization, attorney who handles these, etc.) regarding your situation.

I will probably start requesting this and other information of all posting members who have the FBI or law enforcement as a major part of their story.


For all my frustration with the FBI under the current administration, I think they are not involved with the stalking groups. I am open to having my mind changed, but I want to hear more substantiation. I also think that if we are to have this crime taken seriously, we have to stop publishing unsubstantiated allegations against law enforcement.

If your main harassers are law enforcement, you need to contact a police accountability organization or advocate with your allegations, rather than relying on forums. Police harassment can be stopped a lot more easily than gang stalking can.

I am not saying that your claims are fictional, unsubstantiated, or undertaken for malevolent purposes, but they are prominent in your story and that is why I would be interested in seeing your FIOPA or other relevant correspondence from law enforcement and accountability sources regarding this."

Take care, "anonymous"

I reply:

hi there ..

was thinking more about your comments and wanted to add a few more bits ...

what you say is such valuable information as, having done a cursory re read of certain sections of jbhfile i agree that it does, at times, clearly come across that i include the fbi and otherwise police authorities in some of the stalking tactics, primarily the street theatre and other psycho-social funny bizness that i see so often in various of my social settings.

it certainly reads that way ...

other than realizing i need to fine tune certain sections so as to not seem vehement at the agencies or otherwise 'out to get' them ... i will certainly leave in the majority of the claims made that these agencies, and especially the behavioral science wings of such agencies, have been some of the primary orchestrators of the social dramas and ongoing street theatre studies.

and, the funny thing is ... i believe they, in normal practice and as a part of truly attempting to divine the details of a person who is psycho-criminally (made that up) a genuine public concern, are perfectly entitled to use psycho-social theatrics as a means of learning more about a subject. i would say even, that such methods in psychology and behavioral science are common place and traditional.

but ... that said ... the hitch is this ...

are the target subjects witting or unwitting to the ongoing study? are the subjects aware of the so called claims made against their person which have resulted in their becoming the subject of public and social psychological study? and perhaps most importantly here, are such subjects allowed to personally confront such claims and concerns once he or she is thusly aware of them?

if a person is blindly unconscious of the attention ... has no awareness of being the subject of an investigation or psychological study and if such study involves just normal social interaction/dramas played out along specific input/feedback models (they say/do, "this" and observe for reaction, "that", etc.), then i feel no harm could feasibly come to the subject. and as well, at least some valuable data might be gained from the street theatre as the subject would be acting/reacting in a 100% genuine and natural fashion, totally unaffected by any stress or nervous trauma that would naturally arise out the awareness of being a subject.

however, if a subject like myself, who has been aware of the investigation/study, who has others close to him that have confirmed they're own involvement in the investigation, who is subjected to the same psycho-social scripts and routines every week and who has worked, literally, for well nigh six years to confront those behind the investigation ... when such a person as that is the subject ... then it could theoretically be argued that torture of a sort is occurring, or at least that the otherwise benign and traditional methods of psychologically investigating a social subject have met with conditions that make the study no longer ethical.

(you can quote me on this next bit ...)

no scientifically valuable data can be gained from a subject who is acutely aware of the nature, subject matter and ongoing methods of the psycho-social procedures employed in an experimental fashion against him/her.

especially considering that this person/subject is acting/reacting while suffering what could be thought of as genuine and ongoing post traumatic stress.

so, just looking at the types of stalking that could include street theatre or other psycho-social dramas, street theatre, neuro linguistic word play, action/ reaction scenarios, etc. ... i think one could argue that federal and local authorities, in many cases, are or could be involved in the harassing of a TI. of course, in many of such cases it involves a real and documented criminal investigation and so the agencies have every right to use such non-invasive methods on unwitting subjects.

otherwise, regarding some of the other experiences i have had ... covert druggings, car vandalizations, rumor and slander, etc ... i seriously doubt that any authorities are behind such antics and would more likely attribute it to what happens in communities when certain types of rumors get out of control.

so, as said, thanks so much for the outsiders perspective on; i get blinded to what it's saying at times as i'm so close to the thing.

also, if you read more, feel free to offer more criticism and other constructive remarks.

take it easy.


------ end dialogue ------


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