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March 31, 2007

Schizophrenia? Are you sure?
Some ideas and concerns regarding the somewhat dated idea that my concerns as communicated in are simply the manifestations of a delusional mind.

Recent conversations with persons close to my father's social circles who are aware of the investigation against me require that I author yet another article related to my ongoing weekly work at his (father's) company.

This article is simply a preemptory effort should such conversations actually contain truthful facts.

It has come to my attention that certain of the recent weirdness (fraudulent charges, etc.) associated with my father's credit card account may indeed be an attempt at wrongful incrimination. I have already made mention of such activity associated with his accounts in other past articles and other areas of as well.

Furthermore, it has been made known to me that after some incrimination attempt is successful, the desire is to legally mandate that I remove myself from my regular daily political work for a court specified period and be required to work full time on location at my father's business.

Considering the long standing and known objectives of the investigation, this is important for several reasons.

First, my father's social circles are the ones most infiltrated by the investigation; also, these are the persons most important in manipulating my father to believe that my claims of being under investigation are simply the delusional ravings of someone who is mentally ill.

Point being, the claim of mental illness is absolutely essential to the behavioral science wing of the investigation; if a criminal charge is applied to my person with the addition of the stigma of mental illness, ... then it's a shoe-in that a part of my 'sentancing' will involve court mandated therapeutic studies and even medications.

Furthermore, even though I've spoken for, literally, years, about my knowledge of an investigation of myself, and even though I've published a near books-length of content online discussing the details of that investigation, and even though I've made very public and ongoing legal requests to various federal agencies to prove that such an investigation exists ... even with those things considered, after any given set up attempt actually SUCCEEDS, the 'specialists' can be brought in to simply say something like:

"Well, we've seen this sort of psychotic behavior before; I mean, there's years of clinical research to back this up. Uh, we understand he's had some problems now for some time and ... again, when considering mental illness' such as these, it's not out of the question that he never even knew he was doing these things ... and yet, at some subconscious level he did know and that's why you see him claiming to be under an investigation ... building websites, talking to lawyers, etc. It's really surprising to see how far his dementia has progressed and that's why the best place for him will be under psychiatric/neurological care where we can spend the necessary time getting to the bottom of what's going on in his brain."

Or, better yet:

"This is a classic case of paranoid schizophrenia, or at the very least, a very severe case of simple delusion of reference; Joel, in his need to feel loved, in his need to feel important, nurtured or needed, has built himself a complete fantasy world within which he is the ultimate focus. This really is a classic case. Note that in his fantasy world he is surrounded by a host of characters all vieing for his unmolested (pardon the pun) attention and the fact that his dreamt of 'ultimate outcome,' on the part of the investigators just so happens to be an end least beneficial to him does not matter in the slightest. The point is that his narcissistic compulsion for attention is satisfied by the construct of 'an investigation' that he has so carefully crafted over the past several years. The best thing for him at this point would be several months of close observation and therapy."

Just as neat as a pin, eh?

The incredibly unbounded, so called 'science' that is modern day psychiatry is exceptionally impressive if for no other reason than it's knack for incorporating any circumstance, whether real or imagined, within it's figurative arms as the manifestations of some horrible and mysterious aberration of the brain. Hey, backed by 25 years of statistical data, after all ... who can argue with that?

Moving on ...

Second, if I were to be isolated within those social circles and environments in and around my father's business, the ability to further induce duress and further drive home the fiction of my being simply mentally ill becomes all the more easy to achieve. Also, ongoing and escalating fabrications of circumstance can be easily realized, generating the appearance of my becoming more and more unstable and/or possibly criminal in personality. This too, would further the likelyhood of possible and later court/state mandated therapy and medications.

Thirdly, such a mandate dictating a change in my regular full time employment would take me out of a daily work routine which is VERY DIFFICULT FOR THE INVESTIGATION TO CONTROL and thereby place me INTO a daily work routine which is near 100% UNDER THE CONTROL of the investigation. As I've written elsewhere in, the investigation's goals revolve, for the most part, around control.

Below, I give specific details regarding the uniquely advantageous (to me) nature of my full time daily employment with a certain political/intelligence organization.


Regarding Paranoid Schizophrenia and Mental Illness in General

Insofar as the circumstances portrayed in are concerned ... there are many actions against my person which I have managed to obtain significant evidence of, both in the way of physical evidence and even direct witnessing of the events by others. For other actions, I've obtained no proof at all.

Also, I frequently reference certain persons from long time personal social circles who have confided in me their personal knowledge of the investigation; these same persons have also, on particular occasions, alerted me to possible upcoming actions against my person. These persons are essential to my being able to author occasional articles such as this.

Such persons remain anonymous for two specific reasons: first, they can in no way assist me in my legal efforts to obtain proof of an investigation as they are not actual 'numbered informants' to the investigators; secondly, these person's could be held legally liable for a number of different reasons related to the impeding of federal and local investigations.

That said, and since I happen to personally know that the stigma of mental illness of some kind, be it biological or otherwise, is absolutely necessary to the investigations ultimate goals, ... please consider the following questions:

Because a person claims that certain things have happened to him or her and if said person cannot generate adequate proof of the supposed event, does this necessarily give any other human being the right to call that person mentally ill? Does this give a legal system the right to then say that it will control the direction of the days of said persons life? Does this then give the same legal system the right to force the medication of said person with drugs scientifically proven to cause actual and permanent damage to a person's brain while simultaneously being unproveable insofar as their effects on the same person's brain?

Or consider this scenario: pretend for a moment that I am successfully incarcerated and a subsequent follow up investigation of my residence or otherwise turns up a planted cache of evidence related to ongoing unsolved crimes in areas I had resided or worked? Some clothing stolen from an ex girlfriends house, a weapon or something else stolen from some other person's property, property reportedly missing from a vehicle i was required to work on or drive under my employment circumstances, etc. ... all FOUND ON MY PROPERTY.

What would be my defense? I mean, c'mon ... it was found on my own property for pete's sake! I mean, dead to rights and all ...

I of course would cry foul play on the part of the authorities and would indicate my past five years of legal efforts to expose an investigation and then refer the questioners to my various online and otherwise writings on the subject. The answer in the courts eyes, of course, would be mental illness, and besides, there'd be 25 years of clinical study to show that I'm simply nuts.

As a counterpoint to that specific example, do we not know that, on occasion, authorities have been exposed countless times for planting evidence?

Do we not know, on occasion, that authorities have sometimes been discovered to be so obsessed with an investigative outcome, for personal or professional reasons alone, that they have been willing to lie or wrongfully prosecute to see that investigation's closure along lines acceptable to them?

Then why would it be so unlikely in a case such as that described above ... myself, a person who has written for years about an investigation of himself, one who has carried on a publicized legal effort with mature, reasonable and determined effort, who is suddenly and unexplainably implicated in some crime as described above.

Mental illness, the court would argue, what else should we believe? Some conspiracy among desparate officials desiring a specific end to a long winded investigation? Inflamed egos associated with federal and local law enforcement personas relative to my family social circles, simply wanting to look good? Save face?


Finally, and taking the question of how to properly and scientifically define mental illness a step or two forward, consider this question as well: Is it appropriate to label a person mentally ill who is simply claiming to be experiencing circumstances which might seem, in a popular sense, merely unlikely?

I think those are fair questions.


Harris Tire - Forced Future Employment

The above comments considered regarding the question of mental illness. I feel it important to reiterate that according to direct conversation with others and especially considering what I've seen in the way of past unsuccessful incrimination attempts, the social circles related to my father's long standing personal business in Galena Park, TX have been the most important in supporting this claim of mental illness on my part.

These are the persons who, literally, were giving my father step by step instructions for how I could sign up to be a ward of the state or otherwise a registered mentally ill person (free meds and everything!) here in Texas; I of course declined to go through such a process.

As I've stated in, the investigators being able to make the mental illness label stick is ABSOLUTELY essential for the investigation to realize it's ultimate goals, including court mandated participation in psychiatric studies.

As per certain conversations I've had recently, and considering the recent fraudulent charges applied to my father's credit card account, it's come to my attention that the ultimate goal of the investigators is to 'shape the charge,' so to speak, towards an event that would land me back under full time employment at his business, Harris Tire.

This is important solely because the necessary work has already been done in the way of forming a very solid operative base around his social circles and once forced to work (possibly live) in that area, then all sorts of further fabrications could take root and be easily realized.

Furthermore, my father is totally unaware of the investigation and has been made to believe that I'm horribly ill or schizophrenic for thinking the investigation exists.

Again, as mentioned, the latest frenzy of activity around the Harris Tire social circles has been agitated by my working 2 days a week for him in an attempt to assist him with a recent employee loss. This is a temporary arrangement and one which I am already beginning to phase out of my weekly routine, but it has given the investigators cause to initiate a variety of possible set up attempts (like the proverbial child's hand which must reach for the candy ... they just can't resist).

Isolating me withing this environment is important as, my father, via direct dialogue with his closest friends, has been absolutely convinced that I'm horribly ill for believing that an investigation of myself exists; in other words, his best and life long friends, many who are members of local and federal law enforcement have continuously supported and somewhat fiercely promoted the notion that I am delusional. These are, of course, local houston police and federal law enforcement families, by the way. Just worth mentioning again ...

According to my conversations with others, the means of arguing for my being committed to his employment (sounds weird, I know) would be the following:

  1. Most likely, an incrimination attempt would involve some personal financial account of his own; judge would say, "It'd do you good paying back some of those deeds with some nice hard work for him" ... or, "since he's clearly so unstable that he can't even remember or own the fact that he committed a crime, the best place for him would be with a family member."

  2. Prosecution would argue that since I owe him money, that it'd only make sense that I assist him full time until that debt is payed (which wouldn't be long as it's only about 700.00 dollars or so!).

The bottom line is that if forced back into that environment, I would have no control over the probable increase of fabricated events which would have as a basis the continued effort to make me look mentally ill.

As I said at the start of this article, my appearing mentally ill is absolutely a must for the investigators and when considering their ultimate goal of unrestrained license to commit me to long term psychiatric evaluation; long term psychiatric evaluations due, simply, to the fact that those behind the investigation are simply curious ... not because of any aberrance of behavior on my part.

Don't get me wrong, I love dear old dad and I truly know he is completely unaware of the turnings of this investigation of myself ... even the existence of the same; and I do occasionally like helping him out here and there, but that work, which I did full time for him as a teenager, is nothing that I want to do full time; I'm involved in other daily tasks (political work, etc.) which are far more important both for myself and for others as well.

Finally, and this is just as important, isolating me under the employ of my father will neatly require that I sever all ties with my current work assisting with a federal political action committee; this is work I have been involved in for well nigh five years ... and more importantly, it's an environment not easily controlled by the investigation.


About my current political work

My current, daily political work has been a truly bothersome thorn in the investigation's side (if I may so personify), if only because the majority of the persons that I work with are genuinely trustworthy persons, many of whom have seen through their own legal requests made under FOIPA (Freedom of Information and Privacy Act) and many with long standing and strong ties to the United States intelligence circles.

They are persons who, due to their own experiences and legal efforts realize that the terms 'unlikely' and 'untrue' are far from being synonymous; said plainly, they are persons not easily bought.

My work with this political organization has been one of, if not the most beneficial changes to my daily environment if only for the above stated reasons.

It's an environment where I can work daily with a consistently similar group of persons, the vast majority of which are not under the control of the investigation and that means I can actually work and be involved in an endeavor unstressed by continuous actions against my person.

Furthermore, it's an environment where my actions are visible up to 15 hours a day, by the same regular grouping of my personal friends and co-workers and therefore any strange behaviours, attractions or mentally irregular tendencies are easily noted by others.

Frankly, my circumstances considered ... it's an environment near free from daily manipulations associated with the investigation. And this is a good thing.

Also, not only do I work 12 hours a day with said persons, but I as well share a three bedroom house with two specific members. Again, insofar as home invasions and manipulations of personal space, this is yet again a particularly bothersome fact to the investigation as, generally, there is usually at least one of us home at the house.

Therefore, some sort of legal mandate dictating my employ at some other locale would neatly open the playing field for increased and regular manipulations of my life to further buttress the long standing effort to build an image of myself as mentally ill.


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