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../ who the hell is jbh?

JBH stands for Joel Bryan Harris; those of you who are long time friends already know this, but for the sake of any newcomers, I thought I might mention it outright.

This is an obligatory page.

Not wanting my one and only serious web page, with a domain and everything, to be nothing but nay saying and torture, I decided to have one page that's a little more on the lite side of things.

../ email

All emails regarding the site can be found below; use the email account that's most appropriate.

personal mail:
site related, problems, lavish praise, etc.:

../ music

I like to write songs, sometimes sort of depressing songs, always have, even though I'm a relatively happy guy most the time. That's what I get for reading 'no depression,' and playing in alt-country bands. My girl left me; my dog died and all that ... only with a more punk rock vibe on things.

The following songs are from a gods of victory mix cd entitled 'new homestead days;' these songs were recorded within the past three years and many have a direct correspondence to the circumstances related via this site.

Other Sound Projects:

Songwriting, dabbling in sound and various types of, generally, low-fi recording has been an important part of being me for nearly 20 years now; it's fun and it works insofar as measures to retain one's sanity. So ... Here, find links to various sound recording projects hosted on the Internet Archive; clicking on the link will open a new window to the archived project from which you can listen to the songs:

the gods of victory - grain v.2 mix cd

the gods of victory - various low-fi treasures

the gods of victory - the nights in armor cd

worrybead - prac room recording:

worrybead - edge bar live acoustic set:

worrybead - various low-fi treasures

../ surfing

View at Youtube.comI've surfed on the texas coast for close to 25 years now; unfortunately, this has been one of my social circles hardest hit by the perpetrators of the rumor and slander operations discussed in the main site. You can check out a link, here, that goes into exactly the type of slander operations I have seen unfold around those particular social circles.

Nevertheless, slings and arrows not withstanding, I can still be found most sundays during the spring and fall, somewhere on matagorda beach, by far, my favorite place in texas ... which is why those behind the investigation have hit it the hardest: "if the quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to," and that sort of thinking ... classic Art of War, type stuff.

../ video work

One of my Favorite Things on the Planet(tm) would have to be video editing. Shooting original content and editing it into something else. Fun fun fun. I could do it all day, every day, and never complain. Sadly, the state of world affairs requires I dedicate the bulk of my time to more important endeavors, but I still find time, here and there, for the occasional video project.

Below, find some links to small projects I did in the past. All of this was shot on DV cam tapes and edited in full frame DV format with premiere and/or sony vegas.

View at View at View at View at
Strange Way Centr0mat1c History v.01 Beltway Skate

A rough sentimental music video of sorts. This was created to accompany the Gods of Victory song, "Strange Way". Just a collection of fun moments from my past ten years or so of shooting video and writing songs.

This was some striking imagery and sound I was lucky enough to catch at a local Houston bar; the video features a band from Denton, TX called Centr0mat1c whose acoustic set that night really turned out to be one of the most intimate and heartfelt local performances I've ever seen. There are several more songs from that night published on youtube. Just follow the link off of the picture above.

Old, family super8 stuff shot off the wall. I'm the blonde kid. The song is something I wrote around early 1999 when living in a warehouse flat downtown; the music has little if anything to do with the imagery, just convenient and at hand at the time. Pretty much my whole family, several generations is visible. It chokes me up every time.

A crazy 'guerilla' skate of a trench down the middle of a very busy freeway in houston. the music is copywrite desert sessions. their record company website is rekords rekords ... i own the cd the song was ripped from, so please don't sue!

i'm hoping they won't mind me using it. cause it's perfect for the content. :-)

the desert sessions are the single best annual get-together band money can buy! (other than the truebelievers that is!)


As should be obvious from the above videos, my intention with shooting and editing is merely for fun and the creation of personal keepsakes; I mean to say ... it's just amateur foolery but I find it very fun regardless.

Other than the above, just about everything I've finalized as an edited video can be found at my user page accessible from the link provided above.

../ what else do i do with myself?

Contrary to local popular opinion, I do not spend my time stalking ex-girlfriends, videoing up the dresses of pre-teen cuties or doting over my ever expanding porn collection.

Much to the contrary, the majority of my time is devoted to political work; due to the nature of this site and the fact that it addresses my knowledge of a federal investigation of myself, I choose not to get any more specific than that. Separation of church and state, all that ...

Other than politics and the study that goes into truly understanding what politics is, I spend my time writing, surfing, drinking coffee, and planning my ale making project.

Oh yeah, I'm going to make an ale. That should drive the AA people crazy. For now, and probably for another year or so, I'm just researching, but will eventually get around to it.

For the record, my favorite ales are in the IPA category and some of my favorite brewers would be Stone Brewers, Dogfish Head and Great Divide.

More on all that later.