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March 6, 2007

Other Person's Money
Tax returns, recent credit card fraud and other concerns regarding my own and other folks finances has prompted me to write the following article

A few recent event's have prompted me to pen yet another brief article describing the ongoing threat of a possible wrongful incrimination attempt.

I feel so compelled due to a couple instances of financial action on my part and this article is intended to simply be preemptory regarding the above stated possibilities of wrongful incrimination.


../ Credit Card Fraud on Father's AMEX

If you've been reading any of the articles on, it should be obvious enough that I've borrowed family members credit cards in the past several months in order to make online purchases; this has been, of course, with their permission/cooperation and the articles have been posted simply to address any possibilities of incrimination attempts which might be attempted by exploiting those same credit cards.

It's happened before.

Anyway, as I anticipated, my father has recently found fraudulent charges applied to the very same card I had used ... and one of the charges was actually made on the same date that I myself made a purchase.

So far, we haven't heard back from AMEX as to the exact purchases made but we know the purchases were from Old Navy and Target. As we learn more regarding the details of the fraud, I will update the Wierdness at Work page in my main site.

For the record, I've not been too alarmed by the appearance of fraudulent chages on my father's credit card as I've pretty much done my homework regarding the necessary task of making my previous credit card purchases quite public. Also, for the most part, I shop strictly at thrift stores and it's not likely that I would ever be associated with purchases made from Old Navy or Target ... unless of course it was something strange like buying 200.00 worth of women's panties or some such oddity; if that latter bit turns out to be the case, then my alarm flags really will be thrown for a loop!

Regarding that latter possibility mentioned above; Early dialogue with those person's privy to the local smear campaign against me yielded the possibility that the investigators were at one time (perhaps still) rather enamored with the need to quite matter of factly cast me in a light that would give the impression of my having severe 'issues' around sexual identity (gender, etc.). This is why I was concerned when a once very close personal friend of mine had his house broken into and nothing was taken by the intruder but a bunch of his wife's underpants and/or otherwise, clothing. Something that, in retrospect and regarding the culprit (real or imagined) would seem to indicate not only a rather concerning fetishistic type obsession with women's clothes ... but also, and according to the police who saw to his case, is "usually indication of a possible future violent or sexual assault." I've written very loosely about that particular event as a possible hypothetical, failed setup attempt elsewhere in

Also, I have written a new article entitled, "Womanly Wants," to address the whole "make-him-look-like-wanna-be-cross-dresser-or-crazed-stalker-of-ex-girlfriends" angle in the near future. It's rather interesting, really, considering what was told to me by certain of my confidants because not only is the goal simply to create the image of my having some sort of sexual identity problem ... but also, that goal arose initially after the psych-wing of the investigation perused certain of my writings/songs and grossly (if not obviously) mis-interpreted the lyrics. I've included links to sound files and what not; follow the above link and read the article!

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as mentioned above, my father, whose social circles have been the one's most utilized as an operative base in the investigation, recently saw fraudulent charges appear on his AMEX card. as mentioned above, i was not too alarmed but i would begin to be more suspect if later we found out the charges were for women's clothing or something strange like that because then that could possibly play into my much discussed knowledge that the investigators wish to cast me in some sort of sexually confused light ... or at least create the appearance of such confusions of sexuality through the planting of evidence, etc.

well today ... i made some progress with my research with old navy online's fraud department and it was reported to me that indeed the 200+ dollars worth of purchases were indeed purchases of 'womens, girls and infants' clothing and/or apparel.

to good to be true, huh! I'm not saying here that I know this is meant to later incriminate me but I am saying, regarding what I've written in the past, it's certainly something to be aware of and have on public record!

anyway, the additional knowledge of 'infants' clothing makes some sort of twisted since as well because i've also written extensively of my knowledge that the investigators have, in the past, attempted to force the appearance of 'infantile aggressive' behavior patterns. biting, playing with feces, oral fixations ... you know, run of the mill psych 101 stuff. read this article, HERE, to view my comments on the infantile aggressive angle.

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../ Extra Work at Father's Business

Speaking of other people's money, due to one of my father's regular workers suffering a life threatening injury while on the job ... I've committed to assisting him on his job site for the next 2 months or so.

The importance of my father's regular and somewhat long standing social circles in the investigation does not need to be discussed here as I've covered it extensively in the main sections of Suffice it to say, however, those social circles associated with his profession and especially the locale, in and around the Jacinto City, Galena Park area, are those areas from which the vast majority of the informant participants have been culled.

This public statement regarding my occasional work at my father's business is simply mentioned for the record. Also, it should be stated here that I am somewhat responsible for the same business' computer network setup and that the chances of that network, along with it's dedicated high speed internet access, remain as a possible very accessible and possible points of wrongful incrimination involving criminal computer use.

I have seen several sorts of wrongful incrimination attempts arise out of my association with his business and more importantly, those community members associated with it as either fellow employees or otherwise, and a general public statement is necessary as I will be spending an increased amount of time there for the next month or two.

The investigators, most likely that wing/section associated with local police authorities, has resorted to a rather diverse variety of what they call 'necessary evils' in their attempts to create a definite and recorded legal circumstance that casts myself in some sort of criminal light; such past attempts associated with my father's social circles (and importantly, the houston area/community of which he and his business are a part) have included things such as covert druggings, planted evidence and even theft of his business checking information which was later used to sign-up for membership on several illegal or questionably legal pornographic online services. All such events are recorded on public record in and all have had adequate evidence gathered and witnesses retained in support of my claims.


../ Tax Time

It's tax time, as you all know ... and I'm as excited as anybody to be recieving a bit of spare change from uncle sam; i feel i've earned it. Anyway, instead of waiting months for my check, I've requested that a very long time friend, one that I trust (at least somewhat, anyway), allow me to deposit my IRS refund into his personal bank account via direct deposit, thereby allowing me to recieve the money within a couple weeks as opposed to months.

This, of course, would make me privy to said long-time-friend's personal banking information. Perhaps it was reckless of me, considering the circumstances and past experiences that makes public, but, wanting a fly new 22" LCD monitor and being impatient at heart, I decided to do it anyway. This is a friend who I am sure is aware of the investigation against me but whom I'd never believe capable of participating in a ruse that has as it's objective the wrongful incrimination of myself (even if only to get me into some inane interrogation/question and answer session ... something I know the investigators have on their list of objectives).

Therefore, I am simply stating publically that such a transaction is taking place on the chance that any supposedly nefarious activity might appear on my friends checking account; having a statement like this in the public eye will afford me a bit of security if nothing else.

For what it's worth, and though I've mentioned it countless times, ... checking/credit fraud has been employed in the past by the stalkers/investigators as a means of falsely generating an image of criminality around my person; I discuss such past, recorded incidents here.


../ More Side Web Development Work

Over the next six months, for a variety of reasons, I will also be seeking more contract based side projects involving internet development projects; this is, after all, my most marketable skill set and it is after all the thing I most love to do under employment circumstances.

I give advance notice of this increased activity due to the fact that the investigation against me, first and foremost has attempted to force the impression of my taking part in illegal activity while utilizing computers and the internet.

I intend to continue my political work primarily but desire to replace my occasional weekly work at my father's business with an increasing degree of side projects in web/software development.

For what it's worth, you can view my online portfolio at, on the chance you'd like to recommend me for possible work.


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