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October 22, 2006

Credit Cards and Family
Public statement regarding my recently having used a family members credit card and why this is personal activity that needs public affirmation.

Occasionally, my father allows me to make an online purchase with his personal credit card; this is not unusual insofar as regular yearly habits. There are times I need computer equipment (or otherwise) that I can get online for a very good price and yet I don't personally have a credit card; therefore, I borrow his and then pay it back immediately over over time via payments.

I am grateful to have such luxuries.

That said ...

This article is authored to both cite a recent such occurence of credit card usage and as well to make very clear the ongoing danger to myself that such usage represents.

As reiterated throughout ... the investigators have, in the past, resorted to such tactics as blatant criminal set ups as a means of making their long-winded claims of my being a computer criminal or otherwise, true.

In the past five years, I have already experienced and documented set-up attempts involving family members and their credit card/checking accounts.

A while back ... some three or four years ago, my fathers checking account associated with the business that I am part time employed with, was used to sign up to several online pay-for-porn sites. I have a good write-up of the event here: set-up

Mind you ... my father's social circles and my activities related to or involving the same (like working at his business) are of exceptional importance due to my knowledge of those particular social circles being some of the most prominent in the investigations use of informants and active participants/surviellors.

Therefore, any time I use a family members credit card I make a public note of the event; it's a rare enough occasion that the penning of such updates as this is a practice that is not in the least bothersome to maintain.

That said ... and without getting into specific dates (such dates are covered elsewhere in this site); however, I will state here that I have, over the past 4 to 5 months, borrowed my fathers business AMEX on two seperate occasions, at his own discretion and permission, to purchase certain computer parts which I could only buy online; furthermore, I am currently in the process of paying these expenses back as a part of a documented and weekly payment arrangement.

The entirety of this article is authored simply as a pre-emptive action taken in consideration of how insanely vulnerable credit card and checking account owners are to abuse of their personal data. I mean to say, people at stores don't even frequently ID a customer when accepting credit cards (it's actually quite insane).

Considering the purpose and objectives of, the types of set-ups involving the use of credit cards would undoubtedly involve online use and would most certainly (as has been demonstrated in the past) involve sexual content: pay for porn sites, dating sites, sex chat lines, phone sex chat lines, online ordering of sexual paraphenalia or anything else that, post a successful detonation event, the investigators could use as leverage for their incessant desire to make me fit a certain popular profile ... regardless of the truth inherent in my daily actions and behaviors.


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