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May 29, 2006

Infantile Shminfantile!
Recent findings in discussion with friends from the old neighborhood.

I've recently discovered that the investigators, namely the behavioral science group, are absolutely enamored by the idea of somehow forcing the apparent indication of my exhibiting what, in psychological circles is known as 'infantile agressive' social behavior.

Following, find a general discussion of what has been relayed to me regarding actual and possible secondary event set ups which might have as their intention the illusion of my exhibiting 'infantile aggressive' behavior patterns; also, find below a very loose discussion regarding my surmises on why this would be important to the behavioral science group. I mean to say, if such behavior is not present in my daily routines, why, in the context of the stated desires of the investigation, would it be so important that I appear to exhibit such traits?

I discuss secondary set up events and how the differ from primary, or 'detonation' set up events in the Anatomy of a Setup section of this site. I would suggest you read that section prior to this article if you have not done so already.

First, my recent discussions ...

As discussed in the Anatomy of a Setup section of, secondary events are ongoing manipulations of my regular environments, be it work or play related, which, post a successful detonation event, and in the subsequent legal review of my social interactions, might seem to indicate worrisome patterns of behavior; one such discovered and publicized secondary event was the pre-teen assault squad which regularly accosted me on weekends in a certain work environment and which was ultimately witnessed by a co-worker and therefore ceased.


Fun with Feces!

What I've recently learned from several of my close friends who have been aware of the investigation from it's inception is that certain efforts have been made to create the appearance of my possibly exhibing 'infantile aggressive' types of social behavior; what was discussed with me was possible ongoing attempts to form a visible pattern of bathroom vandalizations at work places I routinely frequent; the vandalizations, horrendously enough, have reportedly involved feces. Expecting your powers of logic and imagination to do the rest of the explaining, I will say not more than that.

At first, I was quite incredulous at the thought of this, but a short review of my past six months or so of work confirms that, at two seperate work locations, others on-site with me, had indeed discussed the fact that bathrooms at these locations had been vandalized in the above described manner. Once, at a certain tax office I work at at least once a week and again, and also at my father's company where I also work about one day a week.

The goal being, of course, once a successful detonation event is successful, and I am subsequently moved to the confines of the legal system, a following investigation of my past public routines and behaviors would indicate a wierd, almost coincidental indication of bathroom vandalizations occurring only on those days when I'm present at certain work locations.

Feces! Infantile behavior patterns!

The desperation of the behavioral science group is nearly unbelievable. I'm reminded of the recent article I read in the Houston Chronicle about the Houston Police DNA labs fabrication of DNA evidence to neatly fit investigators theories.

For indications of those sorts of behavioral profiles associated with obsessions with excrement, just do a google search on the following: +feces, +infantile, +psychosis

Secondly, ... biting.


Barking vs. Biting

It has come to my attention via friends mutual to both of us, that a certain person I very briefly dated has been somehow coerced, bribed, extorted or otherwise convinced to say that I inappropriately bit her while kissing!

This is not news to me; in fact, I've known about it for some time. The particular friend is somebody who I was sexually intimate with on a few occasions and who, as stated above, I have always been quite fond of ... moreso due to the nature of our quirky and unusual friendship moreso than the sex angle. In fact, and I'm sure she would agree, we both found ourselves more acclimated to the friendship side of the relationship than the sexual. She of course, will go unnamed here.

But, suffice it to say ... somehow the proverbial 'they' got to her.

Anyway, as with the above fecal wierdness, this again is an obvious attempt to solidify the fictitious 'profile' of myself which the investigtors so desperately wish to be indicative of 'infantile aggressive' social behavior patterns.

Once more, simply do a google search on: +biting, +infantile, +psychosis


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