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"Specifically what agencies, be it federal or local, do I believe to be the primary organizers of the investigation? How have social circles close to my family, both in local law enforcement and federal (secret service, etc.) been employed to further the goals of the investigators?"

The primary organizer of the investigation has been the FBI; this is why the bulk of my legal efforts have focused on obtaining data from that agency.

However, it is important to note that, as well, I have good reason to believe (and testimony from others) that their has been a great deal of collaboration between the FBI and the local authorities (state level) here in houston, mostly due to it being near inevitable considering the nature of the investigation and, especially, the rather unique proximity of certain federal and state agencies, to my immediate family.

This section discusses, loosely, the above mentioned proximities and again, loosely, those persons and agencies who have been involved, including the way in which informant/participant networks have been built in and out of my families traditional and long term social circles.

Finally, and strange as it may seem (or not, perhaps), I have had several indications from others, via direct conversation, that various local university staff and students have been involved in the planning and implementing of many of the street theatre type dramas that have been a near constant hallmark of the investigation and it's tactics.



As mentioned above, the investigation has been primarily organized by the FBI.

The known federal aspect, (both what I've deduced from my own observations and from what I've heard from others), is primarily driven by the early stages of the investigation around issues of computer crime such as hacking, phreaking and pirated software and especially around my role as the system administrator of HoWL BBS; these sorts of digital/cyber topics, at that time (93/94), being of extreme interest to federal agencies.

I discuss the details of Howl BBS in relation to the investigation, elsewhere in the site, but suffice it to say, Howl BBS was one of the most popular early bulletin boards (pre-WWW explosion) and it was devoted to distribution of .txt files and zines and contained much information in text format that was of interest to the hacking community; Howl BBS had approximately 600+ regular users from the Houston area, many of them somewhat notorious on the hack/phreak scene.


Secret Service

This is where things get real personal and real wierd.

My immediate family counts as life-long and even very close personal friends, members of the federal secret service (and also, the local Houston Police, see below).

But, it's not just any old secret service agent that my family has long term, somewhat intimate relations with, it's the personal, 24 hour onsite agent assigned to a certain, older, ex-president who now resides in Houston; this ex-president, whom shall remain unnamed in this site, should be fairly simple to identify simply based on geography.

This possible family connection cannot be stressed enough when getting into some of the more effective and damaging rumor mill operations that have been leveled against me, not to mention explanation for the sorts of vast resources, community based and otherwise, that have been employed to create some of the more damaging illusions associated with myself and the investigation.

I became aware of this secret service family's possible involvement in the investigation, as informants and even rather vocal harassment participants, just after resigning from the bank and as I slowly began to become aware that rumors were being rifled through communities regarding my character in regards to 'things sexual,' in an attempt to generate hysteria regarding my standing in the community.

The person(s) associated with this federal branch, during the times when we would so often, on a weekly basis, have dinner or otherwise socialize together, would make it obvious to me through veiled comments and neuro-linguistic-type conversation, that they were very much players in the ongoing investigation. This was particularly demoralizing at the time, as, my father, who to this day remains completely clueless as to the existence of an investigation, was usually sitting at the table with us when they would play these word games with me.

The point of mentioning this is to show how, at a very real level, the investigation became more about a certain social set, a certain family or group of families if you will, simply appearing right, that reputations are on the line and that rather inflamed and notorious egos are involved, right up to persons who have acted as the president of our country.

This family connection is quite verifiable, by the way; no smoke and mirrors, or 'delusions of reference,' as certain, so called, professionals are wont to say.


Local Police

It goes without saying that the local police are involved in a federal investigation which probably spans around 8 years (but that only got real nasty a few years back), especially one that purports to be investigating computer crime, stalking, pedophilia and other types of chronic and/or addictive demented behavior.

However, as with the secret service connection above, there is another, just as pertinent family connection, this time to the Houston police.

The son of my father's fiancÚ, also frequently present at many of our weekly gatherings with the secret service family, is a long time officer in the Houston police force. I know from my own observations and the direct testimony of others that my father's fiancÚ, as well as her son, may be, possibly acting, in various roles, as informants to the FBI's investigation.

It should be stressed here that my point with this is simply to make public what I know about those involved in the investigation; in no way am I attacking my father's fiancÚ or any of the other persons mentioned. These are simply mentioned as ongoing possibilities.

And, it should also be stressed that, my father, is to this date clueless that any investigation exists against me, and those close to him who are involved are very careful to keep it this way in order to sustain the all important ruse that I am chronically ill with paranoid schizophrenia, etc.

Following, find another very important note regarding these family connections to local and federal law enforcement...

These persons associated with the Houston police and secret service, these long time family friends, are the persons who were, at one time early on, and when I was severely distressed by the constant surveillance and harassment, suggesting to my father that I sign my rights over to the state as a mentally disabled citizen, or that I be assigned to a state mental institution, SIMPLY BECAUSE I WOULD NOT DIGRESS on my fight to legally prove the existence of an investigation.

This bit of data, that these persons were suggesting to my father that I be made a ward of the state, is not a possibility; much to the contrary, this is a proveable fact.



Many of my long time and traditional friends have been utilized as informants; some have discussed with me their awareness of the investigation and have even given me some tips along the way that have proven invaluable, and many have said nothing to me directly but have been indicated to me as informants by those who *have* chosen to confide in me.

These persons who have risked themselves by discussing something they are sworn legally not to discuss have been motivated, primarily, by what they've been party or witness to in the way of the at times dangerous covert druggings and psychological duress brought on by the investigation, and as well, the stupidity of dedicating so many years to simply trying to set somebody up.

A simple and just end to my circumstances could be attained, simply, by a single person who has acted as an informant calling one of my direct family members and expressing their desire to disclose their role as an informant.

The key here is that every one of my family members has been convinced by their personal friends and professionals alike, that because I claim to have been the subject of an investigation, that I am clinically, mentally ill. I discuss this further in another section, as well as my legal actions to prevent my parents, for the time being, from making decisions for me regarding things like health care.

From my discussions and from my observations, it's safe to say that at 38 years old, there is not a single one of my long term (5 years or more) personal friends, who has not, in some way heard about the investigation or been touched by the rumor/slander campaign generated by it.


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