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"What are some examples of primary and secondary set up attempts that have already been attempted? Why have all such attempts failed?"

Unlike the section, Anatomy of a Setup, this page deals with a detailed record of some of the more memorable set up attempts that have happened in the past 5 or some odd years.

Included here are events of both types listed in Anatomy of a Setup, including several of the street theatre, psychosocial dramas that have been constantly used in various of my public settings.

Also, listed last on the page are several hypothetical examples, or examples based loosely on events in my life that from my vantage point were highly suspicious and could have possibly been a manufacture of the investigation.

On some occasions I have managed to obtain proof of these attempts, either through retention of physical data associated with the event or from the fact that others witnessed portions of the event unfold.


PCP Overdose

In mid to late 2000, after first becoming aware of the gang stalking tactics of the investigation and after suffering a nervous breakdown related to that same attention, I sought council with certain community members on how best to handle the circumstances I was experiencing; these were persons vaguely known to me, not immediate friends, but who I thought could get me in touch with others in the community who might be able to explain the obvious surveillance.

While following a short-lived process suggested by these persons, wherein I was to supposedly 'recover' from my recent and very literal nervous breakdown, I attended a certain social function (in large part attended by the persons I first approached) and was covertly dosed with a drug I would later find to be PCP.

The effects of the drug were extremely debilitating, requiring several days to recover completely, and I feel safe in saying, it was a rather extreme overdose.

Later that year, I was drugged with the same substance and immediately had multiple witnessed drug tests done, all showing a strong positive for PCP.

Perpetrators Preferred outcome: During overdose, I check in to an emergency room; have stomach pumped; and standard protocol for PCP overdose is followed, search of residence, etc. (due to the substances hallmark of possibility of severe amnesia); planted evidence is found, etc.
Actual outcome: I avoided emergency room and rode out the drugging while in the care of a family member, thereby avoiding the emergency room detonation event.

You can read more about this particular drugging event in the Covert Druggings section of this web site.


Teen Porn Plant

In early 2002, while working for my father, certain co-workers of mine planted a number of borderline child pornography magazines under the seat of my work truck.

The particular co-workers who did the actual planting were some of those who I had already discovered were a part of the networks associated with my fathers very close circle of friends who are, respectively, members of the Houston Police and the US Secret Service.

I discuss these family connections in another area of this site.

Suffice it to say, I had been tipped off that such an event might occur and so the day of the event I was able to search the vehicle and thereby find the content.

I conducted the search while on a job with another co-worker and as soon as I found the cache of pornographic magazines I confronted this person (who was laughing and seemed to know about the materials) and asked him who had put it in the car; without hesitation, he then told me who it was.

Upon returning to the office, with materials in hand and in front of others in the office, I confronted the person who, reportedly, had put the materials in my car and he, as well as admitting to the deed, cursed me quite violently and stormed out of the office.

Perpetrators preferred outcome: I am pulled over and a police officer makes note of the types of magazines found or, theoretically, he could have arrested me as, I cannot say if the particular publications were legal or illegal.
Actual outcome: I learn in advance of the setup attempt and am able to confront those involved

This is a good one.

Around the same time as the plant of kiddie porn in my work truck (early 2002), while spending a day off from work at my fathers, the mail came and it contained a letter from my fathers bank fraud protection department.

Because I knew that at that time the investigation wanted to bring charges against me involving online abuse and especially anything that demonstrated a general tendency towards a criminal or sexually deviant disposition, I was immediately concerned.

Furthermore, I was also painfully aware that some of the most active harassment circles operating in the investigation were drawn from both my father's normal social networks and especially those involved in local and federal law enforcement.

Those things and the nature of the letter considered, I immediately delivered it to his office so as to better discover the nature of the fraud.

When he read the letter, it only said that fraudulent activity had occurred on the checking account that was associated with his business (of which I was an employee) and did not specify exactly what type of fraud had been committed; so we both went to the bank to talk to a representative about the details of the fraud.

Before we met with the bank rep and because my father was already well acquainted with my ongoing concerns (although to this day he thinks I'm crazy), I told him in advance that I would bet my life it would turn out to be fraud related to internet usage and that it would involve some sort of pay-for-porn web sites.

As it turns out, the bank rep confirmed that it was indeed online activity and that specifically, someone who had access to his business bank account number had used it online to subscribe to a number of online porn sites.

Upon returning to his office property, we investigated the IP addresses associated with the fraud and found that, as well as several kiddie porn websites, somebody had subscribed to a site called, for pete's sake!

I simply shuddered at the thought of what might come up if we actually loaded the site.

By this time, practically my whole family was in the room as we looked at the URL's this person had subscribed to in order to get a better lock on what the account number had been used for. As it turns out (we didn't go past the entry page), was an online site dedicated to pornography involving young women, and ... you guessed it … farm animals!

Whooooo Hooooo! Yah! Now we're getting somewhere!

Though slightly shaken by the event, because I certainly knew it to be a failed set-up, I nevertheless must have laughed about it for two whole days.

Perpetrators preferred outcome: I do not get wind of fraudulent activity on my fathers checking account; agencies meet with father; my father explains to them my past two years of claims regarding suspicions of an investigation (and, most importantly, that he believes it is simply mental illness); Perpetrators convince him to allow a search of my premises to rule me out as being involved in checking account fraud; planted evidence, digital or otherwise, is found on my premises to link me to the subscribed online services.
Actual outcome: I learn of fraudulent activity prior to my father, council him on what I could almost guarantee it involved; subsequently investigate, with the bank representatives, the actual details of fraudulent activity and prove my case, ie > online porn sites, etc.


Idea Integration Hack Set-up

Before getting into the details of this, I think a little public service announcement is in order:

Regarding my discussion of events which transpired at the above mentioned company, in no way have I, nor do I intend to ever imply that Idea Integration, the company, had anything to do with the set-up attempt described below; in fact, I think that company and those I discussed the below mentioned events with are completely innocent of any intent or even knowledge of what transpired. For the record, I am quite proud to have worked with them for over a year and to have completed some of the projects I was a part of while under their employ.

That said, on to business.

In and around mid 2001, while working at Idea Integration, in the position of Art Director for online projects, I thwarted an attempt to compromise my work computer in a way that made it look as though I were hacking external websites from my company's domain.

I was able to do this both from my own observations of singularities in the functioning of my computer and, as well, because I was tipped off by certain friends who were working with me there and who had heard from others (bragging, etc.) that some such action was going to be perpetrated against me.

The day I received definite word that such actions had taken place on my machine, I ran certain software tests that would detect all outbound packets traveling from my machine and out to the internet. As soon as the software started, around 20 to 30, seemingly simultaneous, outbound requests were captured, all going to the same internet IP address.

The important thing to note here is that the requests were simultaneous!

Web servers are not designed to receive a high number of simultaneous requests and to purposefully do so, is what's called a denial of service attack, a popular, though dated and quite immature sort of hack attack made by hackers on internet servers; the point of a denial of service attack is to, simply, crash the targeted server.

After discovering the outbound attacks emanating from my workstation, I then did a bit of trace routing to discover exactly what sites were being attacked and, as it turns out, the attacks were being aimed at the only two websites that I personally use on a regular basis and which could be said to be personally important to me, the Matagorda Bay surf cam web site and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) home page!

These sites were and are important to me because I have surfed for over 25 years on the Texas coast and they are indispensable for forecasting surf conditions here along the Texas coast.

The Matagorda web cam site is also important because, at that time, a primary objective of the harassment and rumor campaigns was to destroy or corrupt any and all of my long term and important social circles, divide and conquer, etc.

For many years, at that time, I had been part of a social set from the Matagorda area, many of whom were good friends of mine and some of whom, even, were the administrators of the particular site that was being attacked from my machine at Idea Integration!

The operation, I knew, was aimed at breaking those ties with the surfing community in Matagorda, the same way it had so effectively obliterated my Houston based social circles.

Not only were the perpetrators of this set-up trying to get me arrested, they wanted to twist the knife, so to speak, as well.

Suffice it to say, I immediately reported my findings to our main network administrator and my immediate supervisor; I still retain audio recordings of all meetings regarding the event as well as the .txt file log data describing the outgoing attacks.

I continued to work with the company and ultimately was laid off; an interesting note, however, the company offered me a severance package 5 times that of those that were being given to their long term employees on the terms that I sign a waiver swearing to never publicly discuss the events that had transpired while working there.

I declined.

Perpetrators Preferred outcome: FBI (or local authorities) apprehend me on site for the supposed hacking of websites; I am immediately detained; home is searched, more (planted) contraband/evidence is discovered. The rest .. history.
Actual outcome: I received advance word of possible attack, tested machine, found offending software and evidence of outbound denial of service attacks and reported all findings to network administrators and immediate supervisor; I record all conversations related to the event and save all pertinent log file data demonstrating evidence of outgoing attacks.


Multiple ATM Stings

As discussed in the Nature of Investigation section, those behind the investigation either truly believe, or simply want to create, the impression that I have a general predisposition to theft and/or general criminal behavior.

Early on, around late 2001, again, when I was living on the east side of Houston with my father, I experienced on a number of occasions what could have only been interpreted as local law enforcement led temptation operations, or otherwise, what's known as sting operations or set ups.

The first was the most dramatically evident as such:

I frequented a certain ATM, just three blocks from my house, on a daily basis, usually in the mornings, before I drove to my job on the other side of Houston.

One morning, as I approached the ATM terminal, I saw a gentleman completing his own transaction and, as I entered the store, he left the ATM machine and exited out the door I had just entered through.

Upon approaching the ATM machine, I noticed that he had obviously left his card in the machine; it was fully withdrawn into the interior of the card entry slot and on the screen was the standard message:

"Would you like to make another transaction?"

This message being that which one receives after receiving one's money and prior to exiting the machine's function.

The point is, and the invitation was, simply pressing "yes" would allow me, or anyone, to possibly draw out a few more hundred dollars on this guys account. The implication and/or possibility for such action should have been obvious to anyone in my situation.

Not immediately recognizing this as a setup or sting, I simply answered "No," and quickly grabbed the ejected card and ran out to catch the guy before he got in his car.

As I exited the building, two ordinarily clothed men ran from around the corner and entered the convenience store, one saying quite clearly as he passed me, "You better be glad you made the right choice!"

I knew instantly what was going on and so simply returned the card to the guy in his car and left.

This same tactic was repeated, at my work place in Greenway Plaza, a few weeks later at another ATM, although with no undercovers visible or otherwise making comments on my actions; I simply returned the guys card and forgot about it.


Street Theatre/Psychosocial

Pre-teen Assault Squad

The bulk of my current political work involves daily, direct interaction with the general public in an effort to invite others into dialogue regarding any given of our current national campaign directives or goals. I'm saying I talk to random citizens, for up to 7 hours a day, about our political efforts.

A part of this process is to set up shop, so to speak, literature, table, etc. at consistently the same, but varied sites around Houston.

At one such site that we worked at on weekends, a very popular and trendy outdoor shopping area, I was the subject of repeated street theatre operations involving a group of pre-teen aged young girls, who, undoubtedly were operating under the direction of others in the vicinity.

The dramas executed by this band of 9 year old operatives (funny, I know) were always performed when my partner had stepped away from our table, or when I was working solo (we generally work in pairs).

What would happen is this:

This group would approach me all at once and one or two would immediately begin making very obvious and sexually explicit comments and general innuendo; those involved were almost always the same members, all between the ages of 9 and 11, I would say. One or two of the kids would usually do all the talking while the others just smiled and laughed and acted, well, girly. One even, once came around to my side of the table and started rubbing my shoulder as the others carried on the drama!

Here is a short transcript of how the exchanges went:

Girl: "Why haven't you called me? I've been waiting and waiting by the phone! Oh! Damn you your breaking my heart! I'm going to go and get us some condoms, ok?"


Girl: "Hey there again! I'm still waiting for you to call. Me and my friends just got us some condoms, do you want to see them? We really want you to call us! We have condoms and everything!"

Having been exposed, on countless occasions in the past, to this sort of obvious psychosocial drama, I generally found it all quite amusing, and even cute, and would interject with comments such as, "Okay, now tell the director of this little drama to come over and talk politics with me," or some other such friendly banter.

This continued every weekend, for about two months, until one weekend, the pre-teen assault force, as I affectionately refer to them, got confused as to who they were supposed to target and pounced on my co-worker instead of me!

At the time, I was working with a person approximately the same age as myself and whom I slightly resembled. I had stepped about 15 feet away from the table and was getting some materials out of my car when, upon turning to head back to the table, I saw the assault force doing their standard number on my co-worker!

It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Unlike myself, he was certainly not used to such skits being played out at his expense and I must say, he almost folded over on himself with agitation and embarrassment.

As I approached the table smiling, he hysterically pointed at me and said "There he is! "That's the guy you want, not me!" or something to that effect; I had, of course, discussed the previous experiences with him and certain other of my co-workers, therefore his comments.

I think I remember his subsequent comment as, "good god man, that's a bunch of san quintin quail!" I think san quintin is a prison, but not sure.

After that day, what had been a standard weekend drama for me, never occurred again.


Other Street Theatre Operations

On an ongoing basis, other sorts of street theatre operations are, periodically, being played out around me; my hunch is that this is the behavioral science end of the investigation attempting to make sense of everything that has been generated via the rumor and slander operations.

My assumption is that the majority of these sorts of experiments are most likely aimed at actually gathering some sort of data that these persons truly believe to be useful in some way, however, I also believe, on other occasions, they might be a bit less benign than that and might lead towards the realm of eventual false witness testimony as discussed in the secondary set-up events section.

Always, the street theatre operations have had as their subject matter, sexual issues. On many occasions I have been outright solicited for sex by persons of obviously inappropriate age, once even, this was witnessed by a group of my friends at a certain coffee house I frequented.

Another time, two teenage girls, also at that same coffee house, very adroitly and literally inserted themselves smack in the middle of my social circles at that time, showing up anywhere I might be hanging out with this particular circle of friends; furthermore, certain of my friends at that time would even invite them over to their house on a regular basis, generally when I was present. At the time, mid 1999 or so, I had no idea I was under investigation, nor that these two girls were operatives in a psychosocial experiment of sorts; however, in retrospect, and especially since one of the girls, I'll call her "M," often spoke of the fact that her father worked for the FBI, I tend to view the events as probably linked to the investigation. Again, this is well before the gang stalking and harassment began and so I never thought anything of it, other than it being a bit weird that a couple (very attractive) 17-year-old girls were always at my friend's house.

Other street theatre operations, not witnessed by others and that I could never prove as such have involved situations where I am witness to a man who is (supposedly) on the verge of physically abusing his wife or girlfriend; this scenario has been played out several times in front of me. Each time, it has been so horribly performed, with one of the two participants giving the ruse away in some way, that I always new it for what it was, a drama and nothing more. Here, my hypothesis has been to think the drama was created to supposedly gauge my sensitivity to the plights of others, especially in relationships involving men and women. Again, a weird, sexual slant on things.


Hard Candy!

I recently purchased a DVD which sounded just a bit to provocative and strange to resist, it's called Hard Candy.

Said plainly, it's about a pedophile/child predator who gets figured out (and held accountable for his actions) by a 13 year old girl.

The girl stages an elaborate bait operation, using herself as bait, and once in a private setting within the perv's home, she drugs him and then, through a variety of pscyhological means, tortures him into exposing the facts of his past and present.

It's a creepy but good movie. I enjoyed it even though I was quite a bit disturbed by it.

Here's a review page at rotten tomato: Hard Candy

In the movie, the little girl who gets the bad guy, the 13 year old pedophile vigilante is named, "Haley."

Remember that last bit ... cause it's important for what comes next ...

That said, as soon as I had finished watching the movie, my yahoo main inbox recieved an incoming message.

I thought nothing of it.

I checked my yahoo email inbox and the incoming message had been moved to the [spam] folder; upon looking, i found an email from a sender named, "Haley." It was a random bit of spam mail professing the value of using credit cards and gauranteeing me a secured 1500.00 dollar credit line.

Again, the sender was "Haley." The exact name of the cute little 13 year old who I had just watched torture a probably deserving pedophile in the movie, Hard Candy.

Coincidence? A freak event? Dumb luck?

Maybe so ... but not likely.

Anway, I personally chose to call this gang stalking harassment whether it's proveable or not.

It's a perfect example of how extensive surviellance can be used to form new harassment scenarios and constantly taunt a victim/target with ongoing sensory triggers which are simply meant to get across a simple message: we're watching.

Anway, my days of being bothered by such antics are well behind me, but I thought it would make good reading here in this article which discusses recent street theatre and stalking tactics.

Again, Hard Candy; a good movie and worth seeing again.


The Johnson Space Center Security Guy

A recent example of such activity, ... not really an incrimination attempt, but more so an undercover guy using word play/street theatre to let me know I'm still on the radar is as follows; this happened about two weeks ago (early March 07):

My daily work involves public discussion of political activities associated with a certain leader within the democratic party that I work for. This is *very* public work. As discussed in my main site, my job is, literally, the public hailing of random citizens, for up to 7 hours a day, simply to engage them in political dialogue. It's hard work ... perhaps the most difficult I've ever done, and it gives undercover operatives a huge window within which to work insofar as street theatre and word play is concerned.

On the particular day in question, I was working in Clear Lake, TX ... my home town, really ... and also another area where the rumor mill/slander/community watch group efforts were utilized to devastating effect.

At a certain point, myself and my co-worker were approached by an individual who wanted to discuss some economic issues that were related to some of the signs we had set up at our table; since I was already discussing something with another person, my co-worker quickly took up the conversation with this fellow. As my own conversation ended, I simply hung out by our table and listened to this other guys conversation. He explained that he was so frustrated at how crappy the economy had become and that it was only compounding his already bad personal situation (which, of course, was a bait into our then asking him the specifics of his bad personal circumstance).

He, of course, obliged:


The Guy: I was fired from Johnson Space Center recently ...

Us: Why's that? I mean, what happened?

The Guy: Well, I was the main network security administrator and I caught a bunch of the upper management in some illegal activity ... NASA didn't want me to expose them but I tried to anyway.

Us: Whaddya mean, ... what sort of activity?

The Guy: Well, since I was the main network security administrator for Johnson Space Center, I could see everybodies internet activity ... and ... well, they didn't want me exposing those guys.

Us: What guys? Who do you mean? (he was saying it like we should know what he's talking about)

The Guy: Those guys! The management! The pedophiles! They're just a bunch of perverts and ... well, they're protecting the pedophiles. They knew I was going to report them and so they fired me. They're protecting them. That was like a year ago and now I can't get a job anywhere, people just hang up on me.

Us: Wow. Sounds like you've been blacklisted or something. But still, that whole thing sounds sort of fishy ... pedophiles, huh? Maybe you should make a movie or something. Stand up for yourself ... make it public, you know? (I was already considering this guy a hack-operative as he seemed to be playing out a script, really bad acting type dialogue, and nothing about what he was telling us made any real since).

The Guy: Yeah, well ... I may have been incriminated ... or, they may be able to use it against me; see, ...

Us: How's that?

The Guy: Well, ... er, they made me copy some of that stuff ... uh, they made me copy some of that ... that contraband for them ... and, well, I could get in trouble

Us: Man, ... that's just not adding up. Weren't you the 'head of network security'? How could they make you do anything on your own network?

The Guy: Well ... anyway ... about this economics stuff ... I really agree with your sign here ...


And that was that. He dodged our last comment and we discussed economics for a minute or two and then he left. The whole thing was totally plastic, totally rehearsed and to boot, he seemed very un confident and disingenuous with his claims ... like a very bad actor, really.

Suffice it to say, the dialogue threw all my internal checks and I've since come to the conclusion that it was probably street theatre. Seems he wanted to convey a few key points ... namely, the topic of pedophilia and as well this weird and emphasized comment about 'protecting' pedophiles; also, he seemed bent on getting across the idea of copying contraband.

Anyway ... one thing that can be said, is that working with the political group I am a near 5 year member of has been a HUGELY beneficial step towards my addressing the actions against my person; it gives me the opportunity to work with a number of different persons on a daily basis and thereby demonstrate continuously, the appropriateness of my behaviours and inclinations.

My employers are aware of my legal efforts and also the subjects/concerns made public via Furthermore, many who are associated with this political group have very long standing ties with federal authorities and the federal intelligence community in general; therefore, most are quite adept at getting at the truth of things and generally would not be easily swayed towards unlawful activity in a rogue investigation, especially wrongful incrimination of an innocent civilian; in other words, the majority of my co-workers are genuinely trustworthy.

That considered, the fellows comment about 'protecting pedophiles' is especially provocative as, considering my past six years or so of living, my current work environment, though not without it's occasional but rare hiccups, has been the most stable and safe of any I've been a part of.

A coincidental conversation? Street theatre? It's impossible to say, but I chose to lean towards the latter.

Anyway, as I mentioned above, my work is extremely public and this is not the first time I have seen street theatre played out at any given of our regular political organizing venues. See the section of which discusses the Pre-teen Assault Squad, for more examples of such occurrences.


Unproven or Hypotheticals

As well as the definite, proven and/or witnessed attempts to wrongfully incriminate or otherwise play psychosocial games with me, there have been other events I've caught wind of or have observed that, considering the objectives of the investigation, could have easily been scenarios with which I would later be somehow linked.

One example:

A traditional and very close friend of mine from the Houston nightclub scene, a person I roomed with and worked for, for a number of years, experienced a home invasion in mid 2005, wherein nothing was stolen except a handbag containing some of his girlfriends clothes and/or belongings, ... panties, lingerie, etc.

The break-in occurred while they were at home and sleeping!

I spoke with this friend shortly after they had experienced the break-in and he said the police, during their assessment of the crime scene had informed them that this sort of event is what's viewed among profiling circles as indicative of a possible or likely planned sexual assault in the future ... rape, abduction, etc.

In other words, this sort of criminal invasion, specifically one in which a woman's personal clothing is stolen, is typically viewed by investigators as something which, statistically, might possibly indicate a planned sexual assault.

The key here is that this friend and his wife are the best friends of a particular ex romantic partner of mine, a certain past romantic partner who I have known for some time is one of, if not the main, persons that the investigators have worked to build a false impression of my having an obsession with.

My hunch is that if the break-in event was investigation related, then the goal would be to later, post a successful detonation, link me to the scene or event through planted DNA evidence or otherwise something that was found in a search of my home.

Again, since my friend will undoubtedly read this at some point and since the event in no way could ever be proven to be linked to my circumstances, it should be said that it is listed here only as a (very good) hypothetical circumstance which is indicative of the types of primary (detonation events) and secondary events employed by the investigators.


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