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"What sort of wrongful incrimination attempts have been, and continue to be made, against me? How have various street theatre operations and even the planned use of false witness testimony been used to throw a certain psychological slant on circumstances, when and if any given incrimination attempt succeeds?"

Since the investigation has known and definite goals, the primary of such being a charge against me and the non-retractable administering of a punishment, the agencies behind the investigation have resorted to various types of wrongful incrimination attempts against me to meet that goal.

In other words, since I'm actually not a hacker, a software pirate, a pedophile, stalker, bank robber or voyeur, and since these are indeed the types (and only a few!) of rumors that have been spread by some very influential agencies and social circles in and around Houston, then by god, I need to officially be proven as such or else these agencies and others lose an incredible amount of face in the deal.

There must be a charge, and there must be a reason for subsequent, psychological concern; judging from the set up attempts I've already experienced and judging from the direct conversation I have had with others close to me who have heard rumblings of these events, those are the basic objectives of the investigators.

So, how would the investigation accomplish this feat?

A simple overview, could go as such:

First, the agency needs what I term a "detonation event," something to get the proverbial ball rolling, so to speak; in other words, some sort of setup which immediately moves me to a controlled environment such as jail or even an institution; this sort of event could be a drug related setup or something as whacked out as the website hacking set up which was played out at a past employer and which, just in time, I thwarted.

Second, post this detonation event, the agencies need some basis for the behavioral science groups being able to argue for the court mandate of extensive psycho-therapeutic and even, supposedly, biological studies; therefore, less invasive, "secondary events" have taken place within the community, such as false testimony to authorities regarding my behaviors in public, the regular creation of unsolved crimes which, post detonation I would somehow be linked to (DNA from a crime scene, property found on my premises that would link me to another time and place, etc.) and a variety of psycho-social based street dramas which could eventually be pointed back to if a detonation event were ever successful.

However, key to all agency objectives is the detonation event from which all other objectives would stem post completion of a successful setup.


Detonation Event

Control. Control. Control.

The point of the detonation event is CONTROL, the removal of sovereignty in the areas of personal decision making for my immediate future.

This detonation event, if successful, would put all further motions of my future within the imminent domain of the legal system, making my ability to protest, absolutely impotent.

As a rule, the detonation event must satisfy these pre-requisites:

  1. The detonation event must introduce me to the jurisdiction of the legal system (control)

  2. The detonation event must carry a stigma that makes "after care," of some kind, mandatory (addiction, behavior disorder, etc.)

  3. The detonation event must, necessarily, pass the baton, so to speak, to the discussion of any of the multiple and ongoing secondary events which are discussed in detail below.

Following, find several examples of detonation events, which I have already experienced, and which have failed; these are brief descriptions of events that are described in greater detail elsewhere in the site; a link for further details is included for each:

  1. While working at Idea Integration, a prominent design and software development firm here in Houston, I thwarted an attempt to compromise my work computer in a way that made it look as though I were hacking external websites from my companies domain. I was able to do this both from my own observations of singularities in the functioning of my computer and as well because I was tipped off by certain friends who were working with me there and who had heard from others (bragging, etc.) that some such action was going to be perpetrated against me. [ details ]

  2. On multiple occasions I have been covertly drugged with Phencyclidine (PCP), a drug notorious for causing severe amnesia and symptoms identical (at high toxic levels) with clinical schizophrenia; I have obtained witnessed drug tests proving this true. [ details ]

  3. While working at my fathers company, around early 2002, his company bank account number was stolen, supposedly by someone at our office, and used to sign up to a number of online, pay-for-porn sites. [ details ]

  4. Again, while working for my father, some of my co-workers planted a cache of borderline pedophilia type pornography in my work vehicle and were later confronted, at which point they admitted to the incident. [ details ]

Those are just a few of the primary examples of attempted detonation events against me. For each of these events, there existed an agency-preferred outcome vs. the actual outcome of the particular circumstance; you can read more about each of them by following their respective links.

Because I, either on my own initiative or via the tips of others, thwarted the attempts, the agencies preferred outcomes were never allowed to transpire.


Secondary Events

Other than the detonation event, which would absolutely result in legal action against me, I have become aware of several other ongoing, parallel type operations, which, though not designed to warrant immediate apprehension or arrest, are nonetheless designed to, over time, create an illusion within the community (and possibly on record with authorities) of regular suspicious social behavior on my part, almost always involving sexual issues.

The secondary events, as the term implies, would only come into play once some sort of detonation event started, or allowed, discussion of such events.

The point of the secondary event(s) is, simply, to attach a popular psychological label, defining a standard psychological disorder, to my person; by standard psychological labels I mean such terms as, obsessive-compulsive, predatory, infantile, narcissistic, etc.

This sort of labeling is necessary so as to allow a certain and definite direction to my entry into the behavioral science directed testing and processes.

Following, find a brief list of several of the main types of secondary events I have discovered to be ongoing throughout a variety of my regular social networks:

  1. False witness testimony would be given to generate the illusion of my having a predatory nature or general tendency towards the giving of inappropriate attention to others while in public, especially any such attention as it relates to minors.

    This sort of false testimony would most likely be manufactured around a number of my regular social/public routines in order to best develop the semblance, in retrospect, of a pattern, this being the most important bit when it comes to profilers making a case legally.

    Ex. 1: Memorial Park Jogging Trails - others close to me have shared with me that they have heard via the rumor mill that supposed testimony had been given by persons who frequent my regular running location in Houston, Memorial Park, that I had somehow shown inappropriate attention to others in public

    (Btw - I run 20 to 30 miles a week, off road/trail running, and am quite serious about it as a weekly practice)

    Ex. 2: Professional Life - As part of my work with a local political campaign, it is my job to randomly hail citizens, from a variety of public places, and invite them for political dialogue; as with the park set up above, it has become known to me from others that the investigators may, or already have, used false witness testimony to occasionally make reports to the local authorities at our regular deployment sites, that I had somehow made them uncomfortable or otherwise behaved in an inappropriate manner in public.

  2. False witness testimony to convince an ex romantic partner, and especially the social circles they may still be a part of, that I have a sort of obsession with rekindling the old flame, so to speak, that I lurk, stalk or otherwise act in a manner that would seem to indicate obsession.

    Ex 1: persons I know from long term social networks around the Houston bar scene have told me that certain ex-girlfriends of mine have been made to believe (via rumor, outright lies) that I have inappropriate or obsessive desire to rekindle a relationship with them; this has even included the planting of physical evidence at these persons homes (gifts, notes, etc., supposedly of my own personal manufacture).

    (This bit of manufactured "profiling" cannot be emphasized enough, as, insofar as manipulating legal hearings where perhaps a jury might be involved, no other classic behavior model is quite so well known by the general public as the crazed stalker who is purportedly moved to insane gestures and even violence by unrequited love, rejection, etc.)

  3. False witness testimony to generate support for the ongoing claim of my having regular contact with pornographic material.

    Ex 1: A person from my long-term social circles around the Matagorda surfing community confided in me (late 2004) that a resident of that beach community was spreading verbal rumor that, on a weekly basis, he had seen me viewing pornographic magazines on the beach.

    This rumor was designed to leverage the true fact that, often during the summer months, I can indeed be seen reading on the beach; however, the material is work related and amounts to a variety of political briefings and publications I read to remain on top of the latest intelligence associated with my work.

  4. Any situation, post detonation event, which would seem to imply memory dysfunction, especially in tandem with criminal behavior.

    Ex 1: (hypothetical) post detonation event, my home is searched and property is found that doesn't belong to me and that is, in fact, then found to be related to a string of unsolved break-ins or thefts around my neighborhood. I of course would have no awareness of how such items came to be in my possession and so support for investigations claims of memory dysfunction/propensity for blackouts would be met.


My Advantages

Regarding the above types of set ups which have happened and which might happen in the future, my greatest advantage, ironically enough, is the fact that I am in the public eye on a daily basis and no evidence of such behavior is observable in my routines.

Furthermore, I work on a daily basis with consistently the same individuals, and have for years; any number of such co-workers could attest to the appropriateness of my public persona should they be required to do so.

Specifically regarding romantic relationships: I have a wealth of experience with a number of persons over the past 20 years, who, again, should it be necessary, could attest to the appropriateness of my nature in such partnerships.

Other than the obvious testimony of others, should it become necessary, my other advantage is that long time personal friends of mine have been involved in the investigation and, on a growing basis, are becoming more and more aware of some of the more nefarious actions on the part of the investigators.

These persons, if acting as what is termed 'numbered informants,' are naturally bound by law to not discuss their involvement with the investigation; if they were to do so, it would be at the cost of possible indictment themselves. However, it is my hope that if any given detonation event is successful, and I am faced with wrongful incarceration, probation, or otherwise, they will come forward regardless, to state their awareness of the investigation.


An Aside

One salient point to this whole set of circumstances is that the simple testimony of a single person who has acted as a participant and/or informant in the investigation would effectively undo just about every lie, rumor and slander operation that had been generated since 2000, from the myth of mental illness, to the sexual deviance and especially this notion that I suffer from severe bouts of memory loss.

And, the one thing standing between such persons and actual testimony?


Fear of retaliation in the form of their careers being wrecked, fear of retaliation in the form of falling victim to the same sorts of harassment and slander operations I have been subjected to, fear of being indicted themselves for supposedly hindering a federal or local investigation, and fear, fear, and fear, ad-nauseum, fear.

But, nevertheless, such persons are known to me and perhaps, at some point, they will choose to come forward.


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