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This page is provided to help you make sense of the site design and navigation. There is quite a bit of content in the site and it is almost 100% text based, not to mention the fact that it's goal is to clearly define and explain a rather nebulous and naturally unbelievable set of circumstances.

Therefore, I've taken care to design the site with those two factors in mind.


Design Notes

A quick tutorial in how to use the interface:

First Level Pages Have Tabs
The first level pages present the five main, topical sections of; you can get a complete summary of the entire sites contents by simply reading the headers and accompanying intro text for each of these 'tabbed' sections.


Second Level - Tabs Disappear
Upon choosing any sub page off of one of the main 'tabbed' overview pages, the site interface changes; you are presented with a drop down menu that allows you to browse *all* of the sub pages within that particular tab while the tabs for the various other sections disappear; this is done to better focus the user upon a single topical section at a time, as each such topical section could have many sub pages related to it. To get back to the 'tabbed' view, simply click on the "section overview" link in the upper left, as indicated by the graphic below.


Who is JBH

JBH is me, that is, Joel Bryan Harris.

Just before launching the site, I decided to not supply any on-site contact information; reason being, if you know me already, and many of you who access this site already do, then you already have my email address and phone number and everything else.

Furthermore, no offense to all the socialites and AIM freaks, but I'm just not much of an emailer or chatter or otherwise online relations sort of person.

Eventually, I will have a personal page of sorts that makes available some of my personal information (music, writing, etc.) and what not, but this is a gratuitous thing at best and so will have to wait until the important content is published.

For the time being, if you want to learn a bit more about me, you can follow the link at the bottom of every page.


What You Can Do

Said plainly, and if you happen to be a real-world acquaintence and friend of mine who might have heard about the investigation, or even the rumor an slander associated with it, ... back me up.

Get in touch with me and share with me and, especially my immediate family, what you have heard about the investigation or the details on any given rumor or gossip tid-bit; the juicier the better.

Point being, my immediate family has been convinced by the very persons primary to the investigation itself, who, acting as informants and regular participants, have continuously propped up this notion that I am mentally ill for believing an investigation exists; these same persons, at one time were trying to have my parents sign my rights over to the state, for pete's sake!

These statements really only apply to persons I know and have known, my long term friends from the Houston area, persons who assuredly will visit this site on occasion.

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