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"What online resources are there which are dedicated to discussion of gang-stalking? What if you or someone you know is being victimized by such tactics?"

There is not enough information online to adequately address or convey the problem represented by gang-stalking.

As far as I can tell via my own research, it is somewhat of a new type of vigilante action, and furthermore, I would bet that the majority of victims are either harassed to the point of suicide or are simply institutionalized due to being perceived as crazy or otherwise delusional.

I should know, as that latter outcome, at one point, is exactly what certain of my father's friends in local and federal law enforcement were trying to get me to do with myself; the former point I have a bit of experience with too.

Instead of either points, however, I chose to get-my-smart-on, so to speak and treated my situation as any other unknown, simply something to be discovered and understood, and instead of acting/reacting out of fear, I began to gain, in degrees, and even if in small amounts, control.


Coping: The turning points

The two major factors, in early 2002 or so, when I began to swing Ďround and outside of the big cycle of fear and destabilization brought on by the gang stalking and general harassment, were one, my discovery that PCP was the drug that I had been repeatedly drugged with, and two, very close to that same moment, my discovery of Allen L. Barkerís essays on his experiences with and thoughts on, mind control operations and especially, what is becoming of American, so called, "culture."

Until reading the first three of his essays on mind control operations, I had simply been adrift in my circumstances without a clue that anyone on this planet had experienced anything remotely like I was experiencing; I had truly and dramatically, at the beginning of these circumstances, found myself on a completely alien plane of existence; Allenís essays were like a goddamn life-line thrown down from reality and I devoured each essay as though every word would (and often times did) yield some valuable epiphany.

That was a bit poetic, perhaps too heady, but it needed to be said; arguably, those essays may very well have saved my life.

Anyway, my point here is that to victims of gang stalking or mind control operations, simply finding others who have shared and are managing within similar circumstances, is invaluable to defeating the adversary.

What do I mean by, "defeating the adversary?"

I mean, simply, the retention of oneís sanity.

Make no mistake about it, the goal of the adversary, when it comes to gang stalking operations and the perpetrators behind them is, quite literally, to drive their subject mad.

For those interested, here are links to Allen L. Barkerís essays, as well as other sites I have discovered online, which deal with the ever broadening issues of gang stalking and mind control operations:


Allen L. Barker

Please give the essays by Mr. Barker some serious attention.

One thing that should be said is that I have personally never experienced the electronic harassment of which so much of Allen's material is directed at; however, the overall point of his various writings is nonetheless on point and parallel with everything I have expressed regarding the nature of gang stalking and harassment in general.

To use Allen's own words:

" The focus is on the effects that the victim experiences, not necessarily the particular technology that is used to inflict it. "

          from Part III: Mental Firewalls, by Allen L. Barker

Another thing that should be said is that throughtout all my research associated with my personal circumstances, I have found no other person more potent in regards to taking some fairly difficult and complex topics and turning them into some fairly accurate and valuable analysis' into answering questions such as why?, where to now?, how to cope?

For instance, just check out the NPT. What Mr. Barker calls the Nazi Pig Theroem; a very simple sort of formula for how to go about surviving and responding to being the target of harassment operations. There was a point at which I almost wanted to make NPT stickers, but didn't.

Any form of such activity as gang stalking and organized harassment has, as a basis, the deterioration of a subjects mental state, be it for the sake of simple experimentation, be it for the sake of amusement or be it to further the goals of an investigation; insofar as writings devoted to the discussion of such atrocities (torture, etc.), I have found nothing as effective as his various and ongoing essays. This is why his work is most prominent in this links section.

Allen L. Barkerís three part series on mind control operations:

Part I: Motives for Mind Control
Part II: Resisting the Mind Control State
Part III: Mental Firewalls

Other, lesser known and not quite as developed ideas from Allen, that continue the dialogue spawned from his three part series:

Part I: Models of Synthetic Telepathy
Part II: Acoustic Signal Modulation
Part III: Working Models
Part IV: Bayesian Stopping Criterion

Allen L. Barkerís homepage:

Allen's homepage is currently unavailable; however, you may still browse a somewhat dated version of his site by using the archived version from the Internet Archive.

Archived version of Allen L. Barker's mindcontrol site:


Other Links

Bradford.UK Gang Stalking Descrpiton
Perhaps one of the best general descriptions of what gang stalking is. from the article: "Gang stalking is generally cause stalking. That is a target or victim will be selected because of something the original perpetrator believes they have done." (This holds true even when the 'original perpetrator' just so happens to be a federal or local law enforcement official).

Organized Stalking by Groups - FAQ
A kick ass break down of primary tactics, methodologies and motives of how organized harassment groups function; this information is from David Lawson's book, "Terrorist Stalking in America,".

New site dealing with organized stalking/harassment and also offering much in the way of updated resources for victims of stalking; this site also includes much information for those experiencing what could be thought of as the 'traditional' or typical type of spouse stalking, or, otherwise, stalking related to romantic relationships gone awry.
Decent brief overview of primary tactics and explanations of gang stalking.
A site maintained by Eleanor White; a bit jumbled, but some very good information if you dig around.

Organized Crime Waves
Organized Crime Waves is a Public Awareness Activist Group dedicated to "EXPOSING" Government-Sanctioned Mkultra mind control surveillance, programming and brainwashing; Cointelpro counter intelligence surveillance; Vigilante Stalking & Harassments; Gaslighting to make the victim seem as insane.


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