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"What's the investigation about? What do the agencies claim I am being investigated for? What has been spread via rumor regarding my person?"

Since 1993, when I first discovered HoWL BBs! was under investigation by local authorities, I have known that, at some level, and specifically in regards to computer crime, I was a person of interest to the FBI and the local authorities here in Houston.

However, at that time, I was in no way bothered by the news from some of my more connected friends (some, rather talented hacks, btw) that Howl BBS was under investigation; at the time, it went without saying that if you ran a board that catered, if only somewhat, to the text file, zine and hack scene, then your board was under investigation.

I only became personally bothered by the awareness of an investigation upon first noticing the surveillance and gang stalking tactics which became so prevalent and even near constant in frequency of occurrences, just after my big fight with the FDIC.

Since that time, I have been a victim of just about every dirty trick organized groups can concoct to, literally, attempt to drive an individual mad, from being covertly drugged, to having the vilest of rumor and slander spread through communities about my character, right up to the point of having contraband of various illegal kinds planted in my car or home.

In light of that, this section deals with the variety and types of the primary claims made by the investigators that have been filtered into communities and upon those persons coerced into cooperating in the investigation.

Computer crime is the basis of the entire investigation but just as important to the investigators is the requirement that whatever fake, set up or orchestrated charge they bring against me, absolutely must have, as a defining characteristic, sexual deviance.


Computer Crime

Primarily, from my own observations and from what others have told me, the case the FBI and others are attempting to force is that I am an active computer criminal.

Those organizing the investigation have done this, over the past 4 years or so, through massive and consistent rumor campaigns. But as well, they have implemented physically invasive and offensive tactics upon various occasions to, literally, set me up to look as though I were responsible for some sort of computer crime.

By "computer crime," I mean anything, technically illegal and involving computers and networked environments, from pirating software, hacking websites or partaking in the production or consumption of questionable pornographic content (such as what's commonly known as kiddie porn, child porn or teen porn).

What I positively know regarding the agencies claims against me and what has been distributed via rumor regarding computer crime is the following:

  1. That I am a porn or sex 'addict' who must always have access to new pornographic material from the internet or even via my own production.

  2. That I habitually engage in the practice of obtaining and distributing pirated software;

  3. That I have been a practicing hacker since the late 1980's.

  4. That I have, on numerous occasions committed financial fraud of some sort utilizing the internet (stolen account numbers, etc.)

Considering this, the examples I will describe later in this section of set-up attempts to try and falsely incriminate me, all have as their defining thread, some element closely approximate to those four factors.


Sexual Deviance

Parallel to the general requirement of computer crime, but far more effective in generating hysteria in communities and neighborhood watch groups, the agencies behind the investigation have worked very hard to build a false profile of myself indicating a propensity towards sexual deviance.

What the agencies have done, and this is from conversations with others who have 'gotten wind' of certain aspects of the investigation (rumor mill/etc.) has been to filter through my long term social circles, a variety of rumors regarding sexual aberrations of character which, for the sake of this writing will remain somewhat vague; suffice it to say, if it exists as a recorded habit of sexual offence, then it is likely that it has been used as a topical slander in the rumor mill that is by far the most important prop constructed by the investigators.

The types of sexual deviance applied via rumor and slander operations are best illustrated by listing a few examples; these are as follows:

(here, the importance is the degree to which any claim, spread via rumor, holds influence over the minds of communities. The greater the potential hysteria generated, the greater the value any given rumor campaign holds to the agencies in question.)

  1. Behavior patterns consistent with classic sexual predation and stalking; especially when involving past romantic partners such as lurking, following, home invasions, electronic voyeurism, etc. As stated elsewhere in the site, it is absolutely known to me that those behind the investigation have worked within many of my long time houston social circles to build a fictitious image of myself as having an obsession with past romantic partners. I know this from certain persons assoicated with these long term social circles who have confided in me what they have heard regarding the investigation.

  2. Another prime character assault has been to build an image of my having an obsession of sorts with persons of an inappropriate age. In other words, that I'm a child stalker or, simply, a molestation victim who is threatened with becoming a molester himself, a classic and popular psychological model.

  3. Also as a primary defining thread, is the claim that I am a rampant consumer of pornographic content. This could even include the personal production of pornographic content.

This has been, simply, a loose discussion of the most important of those sexual myths created around my character and personality. The actual list known to me is far to lengthy to publish here but the above listed 3 points get to the heart of the bulk of the disinformation spread through various communities in Houston.

As other persons have written, issues of sexual deviance and sexual identity are some of the most often used topics in gang stalking and harassment operations.


Fetish? What Fetish?

To augment and otherwise supplement the above mentioned spin towards issues of sexual deviance, I have learned that the investigators desire to further fine-tune this sexual slant towards the supposed indication of my having what, in psychological circles is termed a 'fetishistic' type fixation on certain types of pornographic content and/or personal relations in general.

An example of this, strange as it may seem and as communicated to me by several of the persons that have taken it upon themselves to confide in me their knowledge of the investigation, is a supposed fixation on asian porn sites or anything related to the wierd, almost cliche' type presence of asian sexual content online, be it outright porn sites or even dating sites.

The asian ethnic slant, as relayed to me by others, is totally unfathomable to me; my only explanation is that the behavioral science group desires to somehow indicate an extraordinary propensity towards obsessive (fetish focused) sexual impulses, something that for the sake of this writing just sounds confusing, but when introduced to a controlled environment of supposed psychological study, makes for mighty fun and robust directive content.

This is not the only fetishistic type slander or rumor that has been purposefully generated, however; other, similar attempts to attach a wierd fixation on popular online, stereotypical sexual perversions have been attempted in the past.

Believe it or not, it gets a whole lot wierder than asian fetishes, ... just check out the incrimination attempt, in the set-up examples section.


General Criminal Disposition

Also central to the investigators efforts has been to develop the impression of my simply having a general predisposition to crime, be it theft, violent behavior or sexual deviance, that I just can't help myself when it comes to stealing, lieing, conning or cheating.

Important to any prosecution team is the ability to show that a need for correction exists in an individual. This is typically accomplished by demonstrating that a person suffers from a character disposition that is uncontrollably manifesting criminal behavior patterns.

This is what finishes off repeat offenders quite easily in a courtroom, and for all I know, they deserve the punishment they get, should they be an actual offender. But in the case of my circumstances, this idea of a predisposition to crime exists primarily to support one of the main objectives of the investigation, absolute control of my so called, recovery, and especially when considering court mandated behavioral sciences studies and/or testing.

In the section on examples of set-up attempts, I go over a certain scenario that was played out on several occasions that involved a sort of 'temptation' sting operation at ATM machines. Read it to get a better feel for what I mean by trying to officially prove a predisposition to criminal thinking.

Otherwise, give much attention to the sections in, Harm to Person, to better understand some of the methods that have been employed to associate me with a given psychological and criminal profile.

The set-up examples are somewhat extensive and most were either witnessed by others or proven via other methods post the incident (drug tests, etc).


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